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  1. Last two panels – Pure Epicness

    1. I agree completely with your sentence

  2. OH MY LORD The second to last panel is sooooooo priceless!

  3. I laugh every time I read this page^_^

  4. LOL the second last panel is one of my favorites in the whole comic! XD

  5. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    First two panels: CONNECTION! (not romantic) then ANGER (best panel EVER!) and confusion. But all of it SO much more epic than that….

  6. One of my favorite pages. XD

  7. Meela, so brave. Demanding to a total stranger who just threw a guy into your shelter whether he just did that or not. Gotta love Meela <3

  8. I love it when guys have earrings like that <3

  9. *snerk* Gotta love The Eyebrow! Oh, and once I have finished my fanfic… WHERE DO I POST IT??? (Fanfiction website)

  10. Dat eyebrow with the scar down it in the last panel reminds me of Jay’s eyebrow… Jay’s a Ninja from Ninjago… :D

  11. “Omigod, there’s a short child yelling at me! What the hell do I do!”

    1. You’re so right! I laughed when I read both the page and your comment. You got his thoughts down perfectly.

  12. She looks so ANGRY in the third panel! XD

  13. Feral is like Germany and Meela is like Italy! :D
    “I never imagined the extent to which this encounter would change my fate… though I don’t believe in such things” ^^

  14. Feral’s (should be) world famous first expression of, “who the f**k does she think she;s talking too.” xD


  16. GOOOO MEELA even though feral looks like hes unamused

  17. Meela’s face in the middle panel! That looks just like me when my neice, whom I occasionally call Meela grabbed the phone in the middle of a cobersation with my friend. She ran away with it!

  18. Awh :3 Feral, you poor soul… gone from (sexy) badass worthy of an undecided theme song to (cute) bewilderment in about 3 panels…

    (Feral’s theme: Enter the Machine by Arch Enemy :3 )

  19. Last panel:”Wtf you talkin’ ’bout?” XD HaloOkami

  20. Haha Meela’s face! Priceless…

  21. She has guts asking a randome dude(whom had just thrown a guy a few feet) with an ominous red eye(which the pupil is thinner in) if he had just wrecked a small shelter that she wouldn’t be able to fit in in the first place. gotta love Meela <3 -^^-

  22. Can I use that as my profile pic?

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