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And Chapter 8 starts!

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  1. I get the feelling that this guy will appear more in the future ¬¬ ;P

  2. whoa… why do I get the feeling this isn’t the end of this guy? XD

  3. Yowser bowser. Pretty sweet ;D

  4. Bad kitty! *sprays with water* No! Don’t go hurting Meela!

  5. Blech, I knew I didn’t like cats for a reason ;P

  6. Who says itsa cat! Maybe hesa squirrel…

  7. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Now I’ve got a question for you. When Visrial is fighting, the blade is in his left hand and the daggers are on his right. In this picture, they’re vice versa…..?

    1. Oh, that’s called “Flipping the image for better composition and forgetting to change the details like which hand is holding what” >__>

      1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        I figured t was something like that. No biggie, just felt like pointing it out. :)

      2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        I absolutely love your comic, so when something’s this good, I absorb every little detail, including little errors…. :| (But one thing I ALWAYS notice on everything is left-hand/right-hand… I love left-handed characters.)

        1. Yea I always draw my people left handed. I don’t mean too! they just end up that way!

        2. :D I’m left-handed

  8. Question: Is it only the daggers that are poisoned? Because licking a poisoned knife/blade isn’t too smart. Unless… he’s built up an immunity to all his poisons! O.O

    1. The poison is on the sharp side of the blade, not the blunt side, so he’s not licking the dangerous end. But yes, even if he was, he has a sort of tolerance to his poisons.

  9. Is he a cat?

    …or a monkey? 8D;;;;

    1. Cat.

      1. Panther, to be more precise.

  10. *licks knife* aw crap… I licked one of the poisonous knifes *keels over dead* LOL I wish X3

  11. Gawdz… more knife-licking. Like somehow knives are the delicacy of choice.
    And more often it is just some pointless, tentative tip-poking than any actual, meaningful licking. What is the point of that?

    There are precisely two even half-valid reasons to lick a knife:
    #1. To clean it… (I do this sometimes).
    #2. Tasty bloodz.

    See… if you’re licking a clean knife, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re licking the back of the knife, you’re doing it wrong.
    The correct way to lick a knife, and only when there is something to lick OFF the knife, is to start in the middle of the metal and then move off the sharp edge, not applying too much pressure (cos that leads to a cut tongue).

  12. Why are all the men in this comic so darn sexy?!

    1. Control your O’s, ladies

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