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Oh Holland, you dog! We have a new vote incentive! Vote to see chibi Piper, which will be available as prints, charms and stickers soon!

36 thoughts on “Page 182

  1. =] I love Holland!

  2. Ha, Holland’s awesome. XD

  3. Chibi Piper is adorable! :3

  4. Either Piper’s going to laugh, or be seriously offended… :D

    1. second choice! XD

  5. Yes! Awesome answer haha~

  6. Oh Holland, so mischievous, courting a thief just for amusement XD

  7. Lolz i wuv holland too nut not as much as another certain somebody. Although i have the feelinghe might be hiding something behind his playful smile. I dont know…..

  8. Awesome page^^ Urg! Still trying to figure out why this chapter is called “Despection”!!!! >.<

  9. lol. Nice. Piper’s so pretty~ <3

  10. Haha, oh you dog indeed, Holland. <3 I was starting to suspect this from the moment Piper showed up, and now I see my suspicions were confirmed, heheh.

  11. sounds to me like he had some feelings for her as well. and maybe vice versa. he went to a lot of trouble to see her again.

  12. Why is he so pale or is it just his hair making him look pale

    1. it’s both. He is pale and his hair makes him look even paler. But i don’t know why. Maybe because he didn’t look right tanned?

    2. Mh, well, I suppose you don’t get that much fresh air when you’re raised as a prince. And if he sneeks outside he has to wear a hooded cloak, so…yeah. Plus, it looks awesome :D

  13. Oh man. I say this in full meaning of it being a compliment: Holland reminds me of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle’s Fai. I always love this type of character.

    Can’t wait to learn more about him. <3 My prediction for the next comic: They'll overhear the Feral-centric scuffle upstairs and perhaps have to cause a distraction for the distraction.

    1. bwah. FAI. That`s who he reminds me of :D

    2. Thought the same thing. And Feral can be Kurogane. And i think that leaves Meela to be Mokona. Xb

  14. Alright! Kids Doing Stuff Their Perants Hate. High Paw!

    1. Really high paw! Holland, you are officially awesome.

  15. Piper looks so pretty in that third panel, and Holland really is a dog XD

  16. yes, lol, that is /always/ a bonus Holland

    ….you cur :3

  17. lol XD deadpan much? hahaha i love this comic so much <3 can't wait for more!! teehee.

  18. haha, I love this comics :D

  19. Wait. where is her tail in the first panel?

    1. Uh…she’s sitting on it? >__> We didn’t forget it or anything. Really.

      …I’ll fix it soon.

      1. LOL Oh dear Cel xD

  20. This webcomic makes me so happy.

  21. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy I found this comic again! It has come so far since I saw read it! Thanks for being wonderful!

  22. Hey!
    I warn you, I’m french and I’m just 12 so I’m sorry if I don’t speak english very good.. @_@’
    I have read Strays and I really love ♥ Even if it’s hard for me to understand all the words (thanks Google Translate >_>’), I do my best.. xD I think Meela is so cute, and I love Feral’s personnality and expressions (xD) :3 The characters are really interesting and the drawing is awesome and the colors are wonderful… Well, I really love xD And I wait the next page *_* ♥
    Good luck, I love your job ♥ Congratulations :D (and sorry for my very bad english… *shame on me* )

    1. You might not be a native speaker, but your written English isn’t bad at all. There were a few mistakes, but I understood what you were saying anyway. You speak better English at age 12 than I speak French at age 19. “Je m’appel Del” is the only phrase I remember clearly. That and saying this alot: “Donnez moi ta coeur!”

  23. Urk…grimace… er Holland… i know your having a good time chatting with the pretty lady and all… but wasn’t there ehem something ELSE you were supposed to be doing just now…you know something IMPORTANT!

  24. What a great reason to date someone.
    Then again, she *was* doing it to get the cash… They both have cracked up reasons and therefore, I say they’re perfect for each other. X3


  26. That’s the usual party line for princes, but I get the feeling it means something else to this prince!

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