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Feral finds what he's looking for, but he's not getting away clean!

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  1. I wonder if Meela will get her chance to try and take down a guard, now…Good luck, Meela!

    Is he a cat or a monkey?

  2. Been a loyal reader of this comic for ages now, Its amazing 8D
    Can’t wait for the next update ^^

  3. I’m such a fan of your comic, keep it up guys!
    Love the new layout by the way!
    Holland forever~~

  4. I would love to see a speedpaint of you two putting together a page!

  5. This is fantastic. I just got back from a vacation and I find this lovely layout when I come to this site. Well done you guys. I really like this page, because it leaves me wondering what Meela will do. I can’t wait to see the next page.

    Avatar coming shortly.

  6. He has a nice taste in paintings.

    1. I know!
      He’s got a couple of really nice landscapes there!

  7. Awesome! Looks like some sort of feline/human species! :D
    I love this comic! I’ve been waiting for the weekly updates since chapter 2!

    1. OH THATS SO AWESOME. I just started reading it a few weeks ago. ^^

  8. Not surprisingly, things didn’t go well. Do they ever for this pair? LOL

  9. Meela= Oh Shi…

  10. Meela, this is your chance to shine!! Either take him out or use your feminine charm…. or BOTH!!

  11. Lol, then what is he doing there? Just a gaurd or soomeone else? I wannt to know *U*

  12. SpicyBleachedHead

    Oh yeah, action time :D

  13. Who else thinks Meela will just chicken out and hide behind Feral?

  14. I don’t know… Meela can show a fair bit of guts when she needs to!
    Like when she socked Feral at the beginning when he caused the destruction of her puny little tepee of sticks she called a shelter LOL
    Of course her punch was ineffective, compared to him she’s a runt, but she still had the guts to hit him, despite seeing him pretty much kill some random guy with a kick to the skull beforehand! :)

    1. *Likes this comment*

  15. She is tough but I don’t know how this will go..

  16. My guess: he’ll notice Meela, but Feral will already be hiding, so Meela will be “escorted” out of the room, giving Feral enough time to finish searching the desk and escape.

    Or not. I dunno.

  17. Ohoh… seems there’s trouble! I love Feral’s smile on 4rth pannel :D

  18. For some reason, I just feel that Meela is going to do something really stupid. Like shout, “Feral, we’ve been busted!”

    It’d be cool if she got to use her new knives~

  19. Love it :D
    but … “its off limit to everybody”, off limit already means that no one is allowed inside and therefore adding “everybody” becomes redundant :)
    please no anger at mee D: i really like this comic :)

    1. Not necessarily. It could be off limits to only certain groups of people, like visitors. That said, why is the guard there if it’s off limits to “everybody?”

      In any case… I love this strip. Great strip, really is.

  20. Ferral’s got a plan. For himself anyways. Here’s hoping he remembers Meela :P

  21. Can’t wait to see what happens next. C:

    and if that room’s off limits for everyone, why’s that guy there? >:[ hypocrite.

  22. oh no, hope meela gets to take out some one now

  23. Is Feral gonna kick him in the head? Is Meela gonna scream “Kick hm in the head!” Oh- I do so hope there will be some head kicking!

  24. Loves this comic so much! *puts paws in the air* now shall we see some action? hmm? hehehe…=3

  25. Feral has beasty gloves… and he can pick locks! :D JOY!!!

  26. Okay, long-time reader, first-time commenter: Lemmie just say I love this webcomic and hope it continues on the path it’s been treading and gets even better! <3

    Now, I'm reeeally hoping Meela either a) gets to show genuine and not just imaginary skills and take down the intruding cat-man, OR b) she'll use her wits to come up with a plausible (maybe ship teasing?) reason why she and Feral are there.
    Either way, I wanna see her do something other than think big of herself without any base for it. It's cute to an extent, but the girl needs to grow – either in proficiency or in worldview.

  27. I would love to buy this comic and wouldn’t mind seeing you creators at some kind of a anime/manga/comic con.

    1. We have Volume 1 availabe in the “Shop” section and we will be at Otakon next weekend. :)

  28. I originally discovered you on DA and decided to check out your manga out of curiousity; but I ended up becoming so enthralled and wrapped up in the storyline, characters and artwork, I just couldn’t stop reading. The fact the Feral can’t speak is quite a character trait and makes him very interesting. But alos the other fact that you made up with his lack of speech with very animated facial expressions was awesome and not to mention very funny. Meela reminds me of Naruto (shot) haha. No, but in seriousness her energy, attitude and snarky retorts resemble Naruto, in a better way of course haha.

    I love your style of art! It’s a great mix between anime/manga art and American comic book style. Their expressions and reactions are just too funny, especially Feral’s.

    I can thoroughly say this is the best manga/comic I have read in a long time. Fantastic job and keep it up! I can’t wait for more!

  29. mwahahaha Meela and Ferals face expressions are always so dramatic!

  30. Visral: “This room is off limits to everybody!”
    Me: “Oh, it is? Then what are YOU doing here, huh?”

  31. Cue the cat man..

  32. :3 Rereading… and knowing what he does XD

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