Page 173

Holland and Meela enter the party. Let's hope disaster doesn't ensue.

15 thoughts on “Page 173

  1. I hope disaster DOES ensue!

  2. Hollands reasoning is sound. I would do the same!

    1. And yet Feral doesn’t care at all and still treats him like a normal child. Which is why Feral is awesome.

  3. I had the same reaction “wait wut”

  4. I love the girl’s dress in the middle of panel four. The purdy green one. <3

  5. His Chibi face in panel 1 is awesome xD!

  6. One of the guys has a tail!

  7. bawww she looks so proper with her hair all done up nice!!! :3

  8. OMW!! Cute wulf guy in panel 4!! <3!!! Luvs him he's cute XD!!

    1. He’s a vulpian :D! You can see ’cause of the lighter tip on his tail and his fox ears. ^.^

  9. love every single dress in this page!

  10. “Wait What?” I LOVED that…xD It’s my fourth time reading over the current pages and it still makes me laugh

    1. I love the face that goes with

  11. It’s best comics (manga) I’ve ever read. :) It’s like waching anime. So perfect work. :)

  12. I love Meela’s line: wait, whaaaaaaaaaaat

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