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  1. Love the first panel! XD

  2. It just occurred to me that this guy looks kinda like my character xD and I agree with Shinobu-Ookami! The first panel is awesome! XP

  3. No no the second pannel. Meela lost her fire.

    Ok this is weird but that guy is cute X) mostly in the last pannel.

    Oh! HAve you ever noticed how BIG Meela’s shoes are?!

  4. Hey how old is Meela?

  5. She’s 12.

  6. Lol, awesome so far! I love web comics <3 if I were Meela and that had happened to me I probably would have been steaming rage screaming 'WHAT THE HELL!! MY FIRE D; MY SHELTER D;! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHY CRUEL WORLD!' xD

  7. Lol, I’d be more worried for the MAN not the SHELTER OR FIRE, Meela XD

  8. Who cares about the man? LOL
    He killed her fire!!
    Meela’s fave in the 2nd panel’s adorable!

  9. meeeeelaaaaaaaa needs a hug now more then ever

  10. This page doesn’t work for me :(

  11. I like how Meela’s ears are down in panel 2, yet she can’t move them like a wolf, that’s very cool and creative.

  12. I love the eyes in this comic <3

  13. lol, so funny how she only cares about her shelter, not this guy who is getting beat up. XD

  14. Aww, Meela! Don’t cry. (Hands handkerchief) Here, and after you’re done you could give it to that poor guy over there whom you don’t even care about. He will probably need it.

  15. Camolot the Creator

    Kick him a few times. If he’s alive he’ll react, and you’ll get revenge for your stuff!
    If he’d dead, even better! You can loot his corpse, strip him of his clothes, then dump him in a shallow grave!

    1. Camolot the Creator

      … Well, that was dark…

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