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Things get out of hand and take a turn for the worse...

14 thoughts on “Page 162

  1. NOOOOOOO! Puppy better help her momma :( Here’s hoping for a deus ex machina.

  2. Of course it’s about Terin! She loved him, for goodness sake! And you killed him. She’s not going to pick her husband’s murderer!!

    1. Yeah, this isnt Hamlet….

  3. I think that Feral maybe IS Yuen…at page 128, when he grabs meela’s neck, she says “Feral, please” just like Avela to Korin when he’s doing the same thing! (“Korin—! Please..!”)

    1. Whoa! True that! D=

    2. Though Feral doesn’t have his clan mark.

      1. Yuen doesn’t either. (I don’t think he or Mal have it; correct me if I’m wrong)

        1. they dont have a clan mark yet… in the first dream, Yuen asked Mal what his clan marking would be…ish. also if yuen is feral, his hairstyles mirror that of mal, yuen’s best friend before he presumably left his pack/clan…

  4. 0o0 NOO!!!! That *KRAK!* did NOT sound good!!

  5. Korin’s dialogue here is great. It’s intense and just flows so well…but his actions only further serve to prove what a huge d-bag he is.

  6. Korin’s insane. Plain and simple. Can he please go die somewhere? i really hate him…


  8. Maybe Yuen/Feral will come back for him later!

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