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  1. Meela’s chibi face… It’s so cute!

  2. Poor poor Feral. Everyone wants to be with him…

    1. Who doesn’t want to be with him XD

  3. “Kick him in the head!” — Best line ever. XD

    1. I agree! xD

      1. double agreed

        1. triple agreed!

        2. Once again number 4, fourth agree

        3. Disagree. Kill it with fire is better. There I broke it. :3

          Feral: LEMME HUG YOU!!!!
          Feral: Get off, no.
          Meela: wtf?!

    2. “Lets break his legs!”
      -nora valkyrie

      1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss

  4. Blue-Cloaked Stanger: Attack – Glomp
    Feral: Defense – Deny Glomp

    1. Meela: Defense-Stand confused behind Feral

    2. ROFL! Made my day! XDD

    3. Ahahaha that’s amazing.

  5. “Kick him in the head!” So violent Meela! I’m shocked!
    Gosh, his face in the second panel….. <3
    Flying tackle hug!
    Feral does not approve of your affections!

  6. And Feral’s harem grows larger.

  7. Holland: :D
    Meela: “Deh?”
    Feral: -_-

  8. ThatChickInTheNews...Yesterday

    I love how Holland flounces over to Feral like Feral is gonna hug him back XD

    1. Holland- ‘I’M GONNA GIVE YOU A BIG HUG AN-‘

      Feral- ‘No.’ -_-

  9. bring on the slowmotion and happy music.

    1. Don’t forget little pink flowers!

  10. Panel Four, Feral: No. Just no.

  11. The third panel. Is amazing.
    Meela: WTF?
    Feral:Oh dear god…
    ???:TRA LA LAAA!! *skips*

  12. Cels, Algy, I think the 3rd panel would make a great shirt. Just saying. c;

  13. Oh, I love Holland. <333
    White hair = amazing.

  14. Meela’s first idea is to kick him in the head? Feral must be rubbing off on her, haha.

  15. One of my favorite pages. Feral is just amazing.<3


  16. in 3rd panel that is feral’s “not you again your just as bad as meela or worse” face

  17. I’ve read this page so many times and still it gives me the smiles! XDDD I can’t stop laughing at all the expressions in this comic! I just love Feral’s reaction to his “ol’ buhddy”.

    1. Ikr? Same here, this pages always makes me laugh

  18. lol! “KICK HIM IN THA HEAD!!!” XD

  19. Typical childhood friend of:
    “Yay! Lalalala…” ~Holland
    Feral~”*sigh*…” (Air of someone who has heard the whole thing before and really doesn’t care…)

  20. Holland: It’s been soooo loooong~
    Meela: WTF kick him in the head Feral!
    Feral: Oh dear god Meela AND Holland?!

  21. *gasps for air* Can’t….stop…laughing…. *looks at panel 3 and cracks up again*

  22. Feral: don’t touch me

  23. –and in the span of about two panels Holland lost all of his mysterious-sexy-man-ness.

    …how can you not love him.

  24. Holland strangely resembles me in some ways. o.e Especially when Feral put his hand to Holland’s face.
    Holland’s reaction would’ve been exactly the same as mine. . .

    Sounds creepy, but it’s true.

  25. Yeah!
    Poor Holly… Feral don’t want his hug xD lol
    The second and the last panel are beautiful! x3 I love Holland face <33

  26. Holland: muffled

  27. “Kick him in the head!”
    Тhat just killed me…xD

  28. the guy in the blue cloak (don’t know his name) reminds me of Fai from Tsubasa

    Feral: No.

    The best comic ever XD

  30. Oh boy…TWO bags of luggage.

  31. Its like blue cloak is the main character, and feral is some guy that hates him.


    So reminds me of Kid History.


    also, I adore Holland omg.
    *sigh* It’s been many years since I’ve read this…I miss it.

  34. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Meela’s still about that ‘KICK HIM IN THE HEAD!!’

  35. O.O What the hell did I miss x.x

    Okay so he is Feral’s big buddy eh. Nice…..

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