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  1. Meela’s face in the last panel… LOL!

    1. Totally awesome eye’s Meela XD

  2. chibi omg face in the last panel.

  3. the last panel XD

  4. How The Last Panel Should Have Ended – A WILD CREEPER APPEARED (beep beep beep) o_o


    2. So many Minecraft references…

  5. …is it sad that I’ve never played minecraft…?

    1. Yes, yes it is.

  6. Dat last panel tho

  7. So… that is not how fire-by-friction works at all. Check out the hand-drill method for the closest comparison, but more likely someone of Meela’s strength and skill would need to rely on the bow-drill method.

  8. OH, PPL! Everyone knows Terraria is much better than minecraft, in the sense that it has more things to do, like more monsters… loot…. friendly NPCs…..
    But then again I have never played Minecraft. So don’t listen to me. :3

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