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  1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    She’s so pretty and sad in the last panel…. Makes me want to cry!

  2. 2nd panel :3

    1. also love her eyes in last panel

      1. A good artists can do wonders, this is one of my favorite webcomics. I wish I had the literary talent to write this good let alone draw.

  3. LOL!! Meela you look so funny in pannel one and two!

    last pannel: Adorable.

  4. last panel – Meela needs a hug. SHE HASN’T GOT ONE STINKIN HUG IN THE ENTIRE SERIES YET!!

    1. Ya she has, from Tannor on the third page ;) HaloOkami

  5. I KNOW!!! Meela! I’ll give you a hug!! Don’t cry!!!!!

  6. you need flint + iron + wood = fire
    not stick + stick + wood = fire

  7. I love the shading here! It really gives the panel a more intense feeling.

  8. Camolot the Creator

    You don’t have enough friction or kindling. Take one stick, lay in down, and cover it with grass. Then, take the other and spin it between your hands. You might end up with the first layer of your skin stripped off, but at least it’ll start. You can work on a fire starting “bow” later.

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