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  1. Does this mean she’s a thief now? Or is she just “borrowing”?

  2. Lol just realized, Feral can ttly fit Meela in the bag and carry her around ^,^…. you know, if you took all his stuff out. She’s so tiny and cute ^^

  3. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I love the color of Meela’s eyes in the last panel.

  4. she looks so young in this page

  5. that water makes me thirsty

  6. invasion of privacy much, Meela? I’d flip a lid if I was Feral

    1. Feral doesn’t flip lids. He kicks heads.

      1. This comment. X3

  7. Daw, she looks so adorable in Feral’s shirt.

  8. OMG…. I just realized why Feral’s facial expressions seem so familier. I’ve seen them all… time and time again on… ZUKO! And Meelo reminds me of Aang

    1. Omg, you’re right. I am an avid fan of that show, and I just realized that.

      Zuko makes the most priceless faces, just like Feral. Except Zuko can talk.
      And Meela is like a more girly Aang in a way…..

    2. adlkjfa

      How did I not see that before!

  9. FLOP! hahah that pic is so cute~

  10. Feral + Bag = Marry Poppins
    Seems legit.

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