NEW Page 375

Sorry to go backwards on you guys, but we decided we needed an additional page between 374 and 375 to better illustrate the tension and minor passage of time.

So, THIS is the new Page 375 which comes right after this page.

We didn’t intend for it to take up this week’s update, but you can see it’s a very involved page. I hope you enjoy it anyway :)

8 thoughts on “NEW Page 375

  1. Great page and it makes the following pages even better than they were before it was added.

  2. but you said double update. you aren’t people of your word.

    1. Wow, chill out, sometimes stuff happens and it can’t be done.

    2. Several years of steady updates even during less than ideal events say otherwise. The fact they had to SKIP last week yet were willing to do a double update says a lot itself. Clearly you haven’t been following the comic very long before you concluded that XD

      Next time, do some research before you make those statements. This comic is almost over and I doubt they care about things like that at this point anyway. Have some respect for these hard-working artists instead of degrading them because of one page instead of two.

    3. Quality >>>>> not doing exactly what they said on ONE update because they realized the story would sound a hell of a lot better but fixing something.

    4. We forgot to say when the double update would be. It wasn’t last week, it was this week. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. Love the new page!!!!
    On a side note: I was sad and lost until I went comment surfing today. I couldn’t find the update. My browser takes me right to the current page, so I didn’t see this note until just now. Is it possible to edit the description on page 379 to say that the update went backward or redirect people to this note? I am totally good with your decision. I think it’s a really poignant page, but it just may help those who missed the home page note.

  4. The extra page honestly makes a world of difference to the flow, and I’m so glad you added that! :D

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