Site Screwed Up AGAIN

SIGH. We just got the site fixed, and now a theme update has totally screwed up my custom CSS. I (stupidly) didn’t have a backup of it, so now I have to recode it all. Please excuse any bugs you see in the site while I work on getting it all reset.

Edit: Okay, I think I’ve fixed everything now. If you see anything that doesn’t seem right, please let me know so I can check it out!

11 thoughts on “Site Screwed Up AGAIN

  1. Are you using WordPress (I read somewhere that you are)

    Whenever you make a change to the CSS directly and use custom CSS it’ll reset it back to the original. On my comic I use Theme Companion to store my custom CSS so it doesn’t bork. Dunno if you knew about it, but thought I’d give a heads up.

    Also, if you have any custom buttons you’ll need to re-upload them after an update. Not sure why, but that’s how it has always been in my experience.

    Keep up the awesome work! :D

    1. Yes, we’re using WordPress with Comicpress. The latter had an update and I didn’t think anything of applying it, then it totally wiped my custom CSS :( I’ll be sure to keep a back up of it from now on. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Maybe you should make your theme as a Child Theme (here is the relevant WordPress page – That way you can build on existing theme, but it won’t get overwritten with updates. It’s not much harder then just modyfying the original theme and really pays off in the long run. :)

  3. i was wondering if you could put you books up for people in the UK because im in england and i really want a book but it is all in dollars

  4. Yeah, it totally messed up my css too and I can’t seem to find where the mess up is for the life of me. It’s driving me crazy.


  6. thelightedDarkness

    Hey cCeleese, my recent page thing doesnt show up

  7. Nope. Its all working good from this side. :3 great work on the site!! (if i could request 1 little thing, i’d certainly love to see some more sketches in ur gallery of the character developments 8D those are always fun to look at, for me at least. But thats if u have time between comic pages to do anything.)

  8. The picture on the sidebar, where it says ‘Read Latest Page’ shows the wrong page thumbnail, just to let you know.

    1. It is a static image now so it doesn’t reveal the lastest page to new readers; helps avoid spoilers.

  9. Oh thank goodness it was just a coding mistake! I haven’t followed Strays for very long, so I’ve never seen this happen before. I was terrified something had happened to someone like legal trouble, or the web domain expired. WHEW!

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