FAQ updated!

As the title says.
We received many questions on various subjects, so we decided to update and add to the FAQ.
We added new races to Question 5 and Questions 11 and 12 are new!

3 thoughts on “FAQ updated!

  1. Hello, I’m french and I love the story ! I love this draws and I have put myself in English seriously for reading ! ^^ (I’m very bad in english, so I do apologies for these faults I can’t see ^^’) Well, I’m writting the e-mail ’cause I want to know if this comic crossed borders of your contry and if it exist in the traduction version :) Yes I can understand in english but I can’t perceive all elements of the story and is dificult for me u_u So, I would like know if I will got pleasur of see this book in the french bookshop ! :) Well, is yet and good continuation ! ^^
    Bye bye !!
    XOXO ;p

    1. Hello, Currently we are only publishing in English and the books are available from our website here. We currently have no plans to publish different languages but we do have fans that translate the chapters and post online. We will be adding links to them under the Link section soon.

  2. Ok, thank you very much ! :D

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