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13 thoughts on “Page 92

  1. I know this is years late but Stumble Inn? Really?

    1. I never noticed that… That is awesome.

  2. Two people. Talking. Oh, yeah that is shady!

    I’m interested to see why Meela is so paranoid about other people seeing here all the time…

    1. Her and her brother have been running for a long time. I’m kind of getting the drift that most humans don’t like Lupians very much, and her brother probably told her that ‘bad people’ were after them at a young age, so now she’s paranoid.

  3. Everyone doesn’t have eyes!

  4. Who is the girl with pointy ears? another lupian

    1. Probably, considering the grey-haired guy beside her has a tail… XD

    2. She is boobs… with an anonymous person attached.

  5. She might not be a lupian… Maybe a different type of animal-person?

  6. So… shady as in “wearing a hood” or shady as in “ethnic” (i.e. shaded)? =p

  7. Is she being racist?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    1. Lol, no, it was just coincidental that there was a black person right after she said that. I think she just meant shady as in suspicious.

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