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This isn't going well.

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  1. Ohhh first comment! Yay me! But; poor Meela :c Wonder how Feral’s gonna react to this. Meela looks rather defiant though. What a girl <3

  2. oh snippity snap, Ferals gonna be hit with some guilt-feels.

    1. Snippity Sneelsy, gonna hit you with dem feelys

  3. Meela’s face in the last panel paired with what she says, in the panel before…

    You’re hired to kill us vs You were hired to kill us.

    She is probably going to fill him in about what Mal/Feral did to her family.
    But paired with that look of defiance, that ‘were’ sounds like a warning/threat. I feel like she might try to fight.

    Both of you stop, stop right now T_T

    1. I agree, I think she will try to fight, but if she has any sense, she won’t because she should know by know Feral can take her in a fight… unless she goes into demon-wolf mode, which I suspect he might not be able to handle after going through that whole Mal thing just a little ago.

      But, yes. Stop it and hug and forgive and forget and be happy! *Silently wishes for this to happen but knows it will not*

      1. Even if she overreacts and goes into wolfy demon mode I dont think Feral would fight back because he doesnt want to hurt her. Even if shes going at him with all she has he wont fight because he probably feels like he deserves her anger, especially when she fills him in about her family. POSSIBLE OUTCOME. Meelas gonna throw some nasty words and guilt-inducing sad feels at Feral. Ferals gonna sit there and take it cause he cant talk but his face will reflect the hurt and we’ll share his pain in the comments. Meela will go full demon mode in her chaotic emotional state. Feral will try to evade and not fight back but the demonness will start to bring out Mal. Feral will now be trying to defend himself from Meela and Inner-Mal. Hopefully Meela will see that struggle and snap out of it. It’ll hopefully end in a hug u.u mmhmm thats my prediction

        1. NO. T-T

        2. Hugs, yes. Sad Feral, NO

  4. Woah. I hope my bby’s don’t get into a fight.

  5. Oh man… Its getting real a little to fast lol

  6. These last few pages have been so heartbreaking. Feral, just hug her!

  7. Well… alright, more crying because it appears Feral is mad at Meela… I think… And she is mad at him. Why can’t they just hug and ride back to Holland on a rainbow? ;-;

    On another note, AFC Meeting! I bring Wifi, along with Netflix and Laptops for everyone!

    1. *Accepts laptop*
      Brings food for people to eat away their feelings.

      1. I bring tea and hot chocolate.

    2. I’ve got cookies

    3. i’ve brought the king sized pillows

    4. And lots and lots of blankets…. and chocolate….

      1. I’m bringing brownies topped with marshmallow frosting!

        1. I bring an entire buffet. Because.
          Also, I bring a hundred gallons of my tears because Meela’s expressions are shattering my heart.

  8. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh boy…! *sigh* Things are getting crazy around here! Meela’s face in that last panel… She’s severely ticked. Feral is going to get his tail handed to him. Verbally, of course. He could still take Meela in a fight, I’m sure. But he can’t fight back in a verbal match. And it really looks like she’s going to tell him off right about now…

  9. I knew things were going to end up badly!

    …did I make a bet?

  10. poor feral dosn’t even remember that contract or anything.

  11. Nu feral don’t fight her! Hear get out!

  12. *here her out!*

  13. I don’t know, I think Feral is taking it rather well. I mean, he’s clearly not happy about seeing her demon traits, but at least he lets her explain herself. Though not being able to speak must be incredibly frustrating for him right now, what with everybody misinterpreting his intentions.

  14. I love that Feral looks so shocked when she says that. “You thought I’d kill you?! I would never!”

  15. I love the art so much, the expressions are so freaking awesome. i am SO sad this is almost over.
    been reading this for months but dont comment, but dude this comic kicks ass.

  16. Let her explain, then hug her. She’ll struggle, then cry. Then pat her on the head. Carry her back and then give her food.

  17. Ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit

  18. D: Meep

    1. The word to express all!

  19. Am I the only one who thinks Meela looks a bit like her dad in the last panel?

  20. oh gosh don’t fight guys! D:

  21. The drawn out week between pages is just maddening. Get on with it! I don’t want to see you fight but it’s almost as if the elephant in the room is only barely being noticed.

    Meela, don’t do anything stupid. That glare isn’t a bright idea methinks.

  22. I love Meela’s face…

    I’m internally screaming because I have a love/hate relationship with this page…

    My mind is chanting “fight fight fight fight fight fight” D:

  23. Is it too soon (or too late) to ask about the print version of Book III? Is that going to be available soon after the comic ends?

    1. We’re thinking we might try a Kickstarter to fund Volume 3. That will come late in the year after we finish this chapter though.

      1. I definitely would like to buy all of the books if the comic is finished. I just want to wait so I have to pay the shipping just once.

      2. Eh… I think you need to start it sooner than that- do it while people are still thinking about it, you know? (Just my advice from a marketing standpoint).

      3. I’m actually in a position to buy now and planning on purchasing the first two volumes in the near future, so expect a contribution from me! :D

  24. At first I was interested in Feral’s reaction, but now I’m getting very uneasy vibes from Meela

  25. Oh snap…. Feral seems genuinely shocked. Does he not know what Meela is talking about??

  26. I fear that this little conversation will escalate into something worse… is it too late for hugs?

  27. Geez… after this page I feel like I can’t wait another week! D: I want to know what happen next so badly!!

  28. Aww man, after the last page with Feral looking so taken aback at the suggestion of hurting her, I really thought he was going to reassure her or something, but he just snatched at her hat like he didn’t care! I’m disappointed in him. Meela had best be careful, I’m starting to worry he doesn’t care about her that much after all….. looking back at other pages, it does feel a lot like the bond is far stronger from her perspective than from his. 0_o

    1. Don’t forget to take Feral’s feelings into consideration too ;3 He was lied to and deceived for how long now? Being part demon isn’t something to be taken lightly and I imagine he feels pretty betrayed right now.

      1. I know and he has every right to be angry, but in all their time together with not knowing her secret and thinking she was just a normal pup, he has still been mostly pretty cold towards her. I’m sure he’s supposed to be fond of her I guess, but I just don’t really feel that.

        1. That’s just the way Feral is, though. He’s also known Holland for several years of his life and he treats him mostly as an annoyance, but does things for him anyway. Even if Feral could speak, he’s the kind of guy that shows his feelings through his actions, not his words.

  29. Grr. He’s gonna hug her and she’s gonna cry and then Holland is gonna walk up and be overly confused

  30. He’s not gonna hurt her obviously he just wants a hug c; *tries to think positive*

  31. Ouch, this isn’t going well…

  32. Nononononononononononononnooooo TT_TT

  33. Snap snoop… There’s trouble coming.

    P.S: By the way, “Hi” from a french girl in Spain.

  34. I LOVE HER FACE. I kinda feel like Meelas gonna start gulit triping him, but I really want to see her face in the next page because I feel like she’s gonna turn her face from deveice to evil MMUHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa. ,,,,

  35. What happened to the tears? Last time Meela was crying.

  36. 3fast5me

  37. Okay wow, Meela looks like a maniachle villain who’s about to attack in the last panel, nice work, to the artists. You guys really understand facial features. Meela’s fear and betrayal looks like it’s turning into a lust for Vengance, and Feral looks pretty sad and betrayed.

  38. Wow…. Great post, but feral… U feels guilty now? Poor meela…

  39. I have a bad feeling about this

  40. Okay I’m loving this comic more and more! Okay now I’m the type of person that ships the most strangest couples. Honestly I ship Meela and Feral and I think it’s in a romantic way, I’m not quite sure yet. Now if you don’t agree with me, hey, no hard feelings. We’re all entitled to our own opinions and if you respect mine I’ll respect yours. I shipped Bethyl off TWD and it was about the same age difference between the two and that was the most popular pairing on TWD. Also plus in this world it’s different from ours so for all we know it could be common for a 28 year old to get with a 13 year old. Plus Joaquin Phoenix (Love him to death) is 40 and he is dating a 19 year old. Anyways this comment was intended to offend anyone it was just stating my opinion and some facts. :) Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    1. Well, although I don’t really see Feral and Meela in a dating relationship, I do see how some would ship them. I just view it as more of a brother-sister relationship because they are always acting like they are brother and sister. Also, I shipped Bethyl too! (so sad the ship was broken. At least we still have Carol though).

      1. Yes! That was heartbreaking! I want to be done with the show but I love Daryl too much but seeing him all that pain is heartbreaking. I think Bethyl is truly my #otp forever and always, along with Dany and Jon from GOT. :)

    2. I respect your opinion, but honestly, that sound like a pedophilic ship.

      1. Normally, I would agree but I can’t really blame anyone for shipping a sorta pedophillic ship when I ship Sebastian and Ciel from Black Butler.

        1. I don’t know who those two are but Some people seen Bethyl as a pedophilic ship, some seen them having a brother sister bond and some seen a romance connection. I seen a romance connection. I can see perfectly how people see this as a brother and sister bond. If that’s what it turns out being then I’m perfectly fine with it. I’m fine either way.

        2. I’ve never thought of Bethyl as pedophilic, but I do see how some could see it, as Beth was 18 and Daryl is somewhere between his late 30 or early 40’s, I also never saw it as a brother-sister bond, as I have seen Feral and Meela. It’s really what is happening/happened to the two characters shipped or not shipped that decides how I see it.

      2. Thank you, and which one? MeelaXFeral or Bethyl?

  41. I think Feral was first surprised by Meela (as in last page), but in my opinion, it looks like he reminded himself to be angry. I don’t know, though. I’m just trying to find a way in which Feral isn’t mad at Meela xD

  42. I purposefully stopped reading when we first saw Meela’s demon form (and partially because laziness) so I could come back and binge on updates.

    I’m both glad and upset I did this. Cause now I’ll be gone again for a while until I can binge again anD SO MANY FEELINGS COURSING THROUGH ME ALL AT ONCE ;_;

  43. Could we just, iono, get someone to help these people make this into an anime or movie or something animated with the same story line & plot. I think it’d be interesting to see all of this animated into something.
    (This is not a request or suggestion. Just an idea thought up in the middle of the night on a whim & can be ignored)

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