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I wonder how far she's gotten by now.

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  1. Fly birdman! GO GET HER!!! Please… Go get her… T_T

    1. Well think what feral would do once he wakes up and both meela and holland left.

      1. He would be quite confused, unless Jy stayed behind and explained. He’d probably just go look for them, unknowing of what his alter ego had done.

      2. Why would Holland be gone though? Isn’t here near Feral still?
        I doubt Jyaku would really drag Holland far from where he woke up just to heal his arm and leg. xD

        1. He* my bad o-o))

        2. Nobody Important

          He’d be gone because, as mentioned in the first comment of this thread, he’d go and look for Meela.

    2. Sexy Librarian demands Harvey Birdman save Meela.

      What a strange demand o_O

  2. I am so happily addicted to this comic :3 <3

  3. We haven’t seen Viper in a while…. I wonder if maybe she runs into Meela and takes care of her?

    1. Her name is Piper XD

      1. Are you sure :3

        1. Positive

  4. this sounds like break up between lovers…. -___-

  5. You know, how old IS Jyaku? I mean he seemed already in his twenties by the time he first met Holland, and that was more than ten years ago in the comic! Yet he still looks so young. I wonder what his secret is? I bet whatever anti aging cream he uses is d**n expensive to work that well.

    1. In the current event of Strays, he is in his 70s.

      1. Dermatologists must hate him.

        1. dermatologists FEAR him

        2. Dermatologists run in fear at the sound of his name.

      2. Wow! Where does he get his skin cream and glucosomine from????

      3. Is that part of his race? Do all cervians age slowly or something? Or do they just live a really long time?

    2. Dermatologists: -answers the phone- hello how may we help you?
      Jyaku: Yes I would like to place an order fo-
      Dermatologists: Wait a minute are you Jyaku?
      Jyaku: . . .yes
      Dermatologist: -sigh- we will have your order shipped to you right away

      1. You just won a cookie.

        1. You know who must hate Jyaku even more? Beauty specialists.
          Beauty specialist: hello! Jyaku? Will you be in our anti aging cream commercial?

          Jyaku: no. I would never fall to the ways of society. (Runs away to join the brotherhood of forest hippies)

        2. Lol sorry. That was random.

        3. /snorts quietly



      1. You have no idea what you’ve just done, you should never show your face in a fandom after you’ve disappointed them

  7. *Builds pillow fort in ACF corner* Come on, Feral! Wake up and go after Meela!!!

    1. *Joins you in pillow fort* I bring Valentine themed cupcakes!

    2. It seems like everytime something very important is going on Feral is either unconscious or to far away to be helpful. I brought cookies and milk again

      1. *collapses into pillow fort*
        *snatches cookie*
        *screams angrily at Jyaku into a pillow*

    3. This corner is too crowded ;-;

      1. I bring despair

        1. I bring…
          Hot Cocoa
          Mexican chocolate laced with powdered coffee

          over-sized pillows ( to smack Jyaku with )
          Cibi-plushies of Holland, Meela, Feral, and Piper.

          and I have the ability to poop rainbows! <3

    4. *crawls into corner of fort* i have brownies and ice cream

    5. There is not enough falafel for these feels. NOT ENOUGH FALAFEL!!!!! (>A<)

    6. I bring a bucket of ice cream and lots of spoons.

    7. I bring hope and beagles.

      1. *Crawls into ACF corner from a long journey and flops face-down on pillow* Can I have a brownie?

  8. Fly you fool

    1. The only thing I can picture is Gandalf saying this to Holland.

      1. RainbowButterflyCatUnicorn

        OMG YES!! XD

  9. Situação Complicada – Complicated situation

  10. YES! I was waiting for this update ouo In the time I was waiting I reread the entire comic because its so beautiful and I love it! The story, the characters, the FEELS! Endless feels! Ever flowing feels.

    1. I reread the comic this weekend too! High five xD

      1. That makes three of us. Except i read it twice over. XD

  11. Holland’s cute when he’s sulking.

  12. I would imagine telling Holland it was Feral/Malkar who killed her family would better explain hear leaving…

  13. Jyaku just reminded me of Exdeath in Final Fantasy: Dissidia. “Brooding will gain you nothing.”

  14. This got me to thinking, so I went to the FAQs and did some math…
    We’re on the 4th chapter of vol 3.The FAQ says the creators planned on 3 volumes. The other volumes have had 5 chapters each, typically 24 pages + cover.

    We have about 35 pages left – 8 months left of weekly updates, October 13 if there are no breaks. :(

    1. Nnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT CANT END!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. i agree, they cant stop.

        1. It kind of feels like the story is still just getting started. D:

  15. And thus, we see that Holland is still very much the same kid that refused to give up on feral.

    1. That was my first thought, too. XD Holland is still just a kid at heart. A kid who still sulks when he doesn’t get his way, lol. But he’s also a kid with a big heart who’ll do everything in his power (even when it means breaking the rules) to help his friends, at least as far as he knows is the best way to help them.

  16. Hopefully she’s okay and has found a nice shelter for the night, though it will be lonely. :( Good luck Meela!

  17. It’s a torture to wait for the next few pages.


  19. Feral’s going to look for her eventually. He’s going to be mad, then sad, and then run after Meela.

    1. yep! How are they going to stop him…. ?
      Well if Jyaku said he tried to kill Meela… Holland would definitely counter with something. :-(

  20. Y’know, I think Feral should actually get a say in this. Feral is mature for his age, and I have no doubt that he would want to do the right thing. If Feral decides it’s too dangerous for Meela to be around her, or if he wants to find another way… that’s really his decision. Feral knows his own limitations and weaknesses better than anyone. He wouldn’t run after Meela if he also knew that he would be a threat to her.

    Daddy Jyaku, I know you just want what’s best for your son. But your son is an adult now and he can make his own decisions.

  21. When feral wakes up hell will rain down from the sky

  22. Ferals going to filp. I bet this is not going to go well for him or meela. WHY OH WHY COULD THIS BE AOUT MELLA. IM GOING TO GO CRAZY NOT KNOWING WERE SHE WENT! BIRDMAN GET YOU BUT OFF THAT STUMP AND SURCH FOR HER! Deerman was right about one thing, pouting gets you know where! Shoves a black barry in mouth and rocks back in forth.
    “meela come back… Stuipd deer… Cries.

    1. Haveing really bad mode swings, i mean really. My mode ring cant make up its mind.

  23. Feral is going to be so upset when he gains consciousness D: He’s gonna look for Meela as soon as he wakes! I just know it Q.Q and it’s going to break mah heart…

  24. O: It’s like Meela is in some big trouble later in the story and Feral comes to rescue her! That’d make my heart leap out of my chest! Just sayin’ :3

  25. I agree Feral is a big boy and can make his own disisons but sences he was “sleeping”, Jyuka took it upon him self to do what, if you think about it WAS the right choices.(But he probly would have told her to leave even if he wasn’t sleeping) But it doesn’t mean that Feral is going to agree with it, and I cerntly hope he doesnt, and when he wakes up and finds out why she left he better get his shit together, then give Jyuka a nice, hard, bitch slap to the face and then runs his ass after Meela’s…..Oh and bring Holland along to, he’ll help you explain shit.

    1. How can we know it’s absolutely the right choice? There is, of course, the obvious answer– because her being aggravates Feral’s. But there’s something else that is important to consider, and that is the bond between Feral and Meela. They have become closer than Jyaku seems to realize or understand.

      Meela has softened, and to some extent, healed Feral’s heart. Feral has filled the void that had been left after Meela’s older brother had died. I would go as far to say that there is a platonic love between them.

      Now, I’m not saying that “who cares about curses we will beat this with the power of LOVE”, but don’t they deserve a chance to try and figure out some sort of solution that doesn’t break them up? Just saying that it’s impossible for them to coexist right off the bat is pretty fatalistic. Maybe realistic, but also fatalistic. Even if they try and could not find a solution, they at least deserve that chance to try.

      1. You are right Meela and Feral do have a strong bond for only knowing eachother for somewhat a short period of time and it progressed more as they trained and practicaly lived toghether with of course Holland, Piper from time to time and Jyuka keeping wach from afar(like a creeper)and they deserve a chance to live together. But I never said anything about it being impossible for them to coexist together I just said it was, if you think about it WAS the right choice, and I even encourged for Freal to go find Meela and make things work, I never said they should just give up because things aren’t working out.
        Sorry for my bad spelling

  26. NO! Damnit!

  27. You guys, as much as I’d love for Holland or Feral to get Meela back, have you considered that she might not want to come back? She was horrified at the revelation that it was Feral (well, Malkar, really) who killed her father and brother, and she almost told Holland. And yet, Holland doesn’t know about that, because when Malkar told Meela, he was unconscious on the ground and Jyaku was late to the party, almost too late to save Meela.

  28. Hey guys! I did an audio interpretation of the previous page (353). I put a link to it in the comments on that page. Just thought I’d share!

    1. ::gives you a cookie::

      Thank you.

      1. You’re welcome! Keep your ears open for more!

  29. I’m sure Jyaku had everyone’s best interests at heart, but I am slightly miffed that he convinced the girl who is prone to running away that she should run away again while everyone who would disagree with him was unconscious. >.<

    1. Well, Holland wasn’t. But he still couldn’t do anything.

      1. It seems to me that Jyaku convinced her that she shouldn’t be aroun and Holland woke up just in time to see her run. At that point she was already convinced. In other words, I don’t think Meela had all the possible variables before she made her decision to leave. I don’t know if Holland could have convinced her to stay exactly, but at least she would have left on better terms.


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