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Yes, Holland, it's a hat--wait, what is that? EDIT: Sorry for the confusion, this page somehow overwrote the previous one when we uploaded it. It should be fixed now, but if you're still seeing the same pages for both clear your browser's cache and refresh.

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  1. The Flaming Squirrel


    1. My feels exactly. Also that is a huge swan.

      1. Just a general question, do swans typically have the pretty feather tendrils on their heads or are we in cartoon logic territory?

        1. Pretty sure that’s stylistic badassery. Swan’s heads are usually smooth, and not big enough to wear normal sized hats. If I saw a swan that big, I would be scared shitless.

        2. I’m scared shitless of Swans of any size, they’re nasty little buggers. D:

        3. It could indicate that the transition is beginning with the feathers turning to hair.

        4. I don’t know of any swans with crown feathers, but plenty of other birds have them. In Holland’s case, all the long feather tendrils on his head and butt are just fantasy design on our part.

        5. Princes have to look fancy. ;)

    2. My thoughts exactly! O.o

    3. Couldn’t have said it better…

  2. kk it got fixed :) yay.

  3. All the suspense. XP

  4. Oh blood, that’s a good sign …I think…

    1. Blood is always a good sign.

      1. Blood means something happens…onto next week! *promptly camps*

        1. Snowtail the Khajiit

          My mother always told me to follow the blood trail. Wounded prey is easy prey. >:3

    2. Things a blood trail can lead to: A wounded man or animal, a dead man or animal, or a chick on her period. All of these more then likely mean death.

    3. Blood is good! It keeps you alive!

      …Except when it’s on the ground…

  5. Betting right now it’s not her blood. (but then again I’m internally hoping we get to see Korrin bleeding from injuries Meela inflicted.) >:D

  6. Am I the only one that’s having the problem where pages 286 and 287 are the same image?

    1. Mines doing it too, lucky i already read 286 minutes after it posted :)

    2. It’ss true!
      Pages 286 and 287 are the same! What happened? There’s no anymore the page with the transformation of Holland, and his talking to himself … strange o.O

      1. If you all hadn’t said anything I would’ve never clicked back a page and seen pretty Swan Holland talking to himself. :) (I thought that the story had moved along too quickly when I first read it lol)

  7. Ooh! Ooh! He’ll find Korin and he’ll relate some sort of confession or at least a panicked rambling about Meela in her demon-form.

  8. Can’t wait for tomorrow :D

    1. xD This was tomorrow’s page, because it’s 1 am.

      1. Can’t wait for later today* Hehe xD

  9. Oh god cliffhanger -.- At least we can be pretty sure it’s Korins blood >:D


    Can’t wait to see what happened.

  11. hello everyone. this is my first time commenting but i have been following this comic for awhile but today i decided to comment…..because I’m dying!! my goodness this cliffhanger >< but I'm really loving it. can't wait!!

  12. It’s just strawberry jam guys, calm down! >.>

    1. Definitely jam, I totally agree. No idea what all the fuss is about.

      1. i thought it was fruit punch, aw

        1. Snowtail the Khajiit

          Why not both?

        2. No, it’s the lovely elderly couple from 2B! (Llama’s with hats)

  13. Meela probably killed him. Either that, or seriously wounded him. SHE was the one transforming into ”something” and the man was the one who looked terrified.. so obviously any blood that’s there ISN’T from Meela.. but she probably caused it..

  14. WHY YOU MAKE US WAIT A WEEK FOR WHAT IS NEXT? THIS IS TOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jk lolz ooooh thank you for this guys and thank you for writing such an interesting story! Waiting every week makes it that much more of a treat!!! ::)

  15. Epicness on the way… Just a matter of time… Can’t wait.

  16. what a bunch of night owl’s we are :)

    Thank you girls for the double post! I hope your real lives are peaceful and serene…

  17. I love this story. I really need the rest! As I am French, I translated the story for easy reading to others. If you are interested by the translation, you can ask me, I will send it.

  18. I think Korin is a demon (or half-demon) hunter, which is why he killed Meela’s brother and chased after Meela and called her a demon mongrel.

  19. Holland is a rather regal birdy

  20. OHMYGOD!!!!!! she..ATE HIMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!
    he is going to be bleeding to death next to a tree or something I just KNOW it!

    1. one can hope ;)

  21. I’m sure he’ll come across Meela and Tannor’s old cave and see that Meela and Korin are having a fabulous tea party~

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      Indeed. The blood he saw is from a rabbit they caught to make snacks out of. Definitely. :3

  22. oooooh! I cant wait for friday!!!!!! :D

  23. Argh O.O
    This is… Korin’s blood or Meela’s blood? This is not good. Anyway, Meela has killed a person, a villain of course, but a Person… Maybe Korin is just hurt, and not dead.
    Please Holland, run and stop her, or stop him! D: Feral! What are you doing out there? Give yourself a shake and come here, too!

    And yeah, I want to hug Holland u.u

  24. 0A0;; AAAAH, now I gotta wait for FRIDAY to find out what happens next! TAT Why do you torture us so?! -Chews on a hat in anticipation-

  25. I am presently imagining Meela in the tree in her demon form with Korin’s carcass next to her. Wonderful.

    1. Hopefully. XD

  26. This page and the one before it are the same for some reason

    1. I think there is an issue with the site. You can see Page 286 on Tapastic.

  27. i can’t see the page before, it’s the same as this one, does anyone know why that is?

  28. Is it just me or was the last two pages the same?

  29. Hey, holland, that thing you wanted to talk to meela about? Yeah, its probably too late.

    1. You win the internet for that comment!

  30. Um, Page 286 and 287 are showing up as the exact same page. I’m enjoying the story though ^_^

  31. wait….NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    I didn’t see yesterday’s page! was it different than today’s???

  32. Holymotherofneedingthenextpagesobad.
    So much excitement suspense and WANT.
    I respect the normal update return, but holydamn its going to be even more suspense jerking ;;

  33. GAH!!!! Holland, why you be too slow!?!?!?
    Meela, I hope you didn’t kill Korin, because I like him alive (good bad guy…) Also, you shouldn’t be killing people! But I bet it’s Korin’s blood, not Meela’s. There is no way that is Meela’s blood….

  34. The pages are still the same for me :(

    1. Clear your cache and refresh.

      1. Excuse me, I know this is random, but I don’t know how to do it. How do I get a picture on here? For example, you have you a little brown-headed girl that I have mistook for Meela for quite some time, but I can tell it’s not. ::) Thanks!

  35. Holland quick get Feral!!!!!!!

  36. Surprised Feral cant smell the blood. :/

    1. he’s probably just not close enough yet to pick it up, or its probably not windy, so the smell isn’t carrying very far (i think)

  37. Uh oh o.O

  38. Why do I have a feeling Meela mutilated Korin and she’s standing over him somwhere watching him bleed?

    1. with a transformation that powerful I’m betting she’s going to be in rage form for a while if she can’t shift out / uncontrolled.

  39. Make ALL the suspense!

  40. I must know what happens~~~~

  41. Must! See! More! D: You ladies are so good at suspense!!

  42. Once this ends (which (I hope) is a very long time away) we can all look forward to an animated series of it (should someone be willing to make it)! :D

    1. Yeah
      That would be so cool
      I’d love to hear the voices of all the characters! >w<

      1. I dunno if they would live up to my imagination….

  43. BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hdhjadsdsdsdxhxv dc hsvxxsvcvwdxvjsgvdhhwswedgasdvxdhwjxxscdcdv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. OK whenever I look at this page I see Holland looking at that red patch and all I think of is “MMMM! CRANBERRIES” and then him nommming on them in a ludicrously sloppy doodle.

    1. Thats ridiculous hes a prince he would never eat so sloppily.

      1. A vagabond Prince

  45. I’ve always been curious, how do you guys do the hands (I suck at hands) they always turn out exquisite =D !!!

  46. I can almost, almost, hear the Zelda theme song for when you find an item for Panel two.

    Fantastically done.

  47. Hey! I have been frequently visiting a site that has links to comics online in different categories. I’m not sure if you noticed but your comic shows up in the “Drop Dead Gorgeous” category, and I just though that you would like to know if you don’t already. :)

    (Is a direct link)

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  48. You can also find GaMERCaT there.

    1. Advertising without permission is uncouth…

      1. Gamercat is drawn by the one of the authors of this comic… Cellese if I remember correctly. So it’s not self-advertising.

      2. Actually, Gamercat is my comic too, so it’s totally cool.

        1. Oh lol! Guess I need to read another comic XD

  49. I need to know what happens next!!! >.< AARGHH ASDFGHJKL

  50. nooooOOO!!!! i must know what happens!!!

  51. If Friday doesn’t get here soon I’m going to start killing off the other days!

    1. You’re too slow Grizzly… They would get away XP

      1. WHY I AUTA!

        1. Ok You have been way to much fun to tease over the last two weeks… Do you get on the livestreams? Whats your username? XP

        2. I’m usually passed out when the live streams come along,my sleep schedule is really wonky. Or should I say Wonka? :3

        3. So tonight was the exception then? Too bad. Maybe tomorrow if you make it?!

        4. Wait a second… I bet your a lurker…

        5. I am no such thing! And I just woke up actually but I’ll try to be awake for the stream ^^

  52. I need more pages if im gonna make it through this week of collage.

    1. Dude! college is an amazing and wonderful experience in and of itself. Embrace it! But note me on DA if you want some awesome webcomic referrals to help you get through… The girls can only do so much…

  53. Makes you wonder if those little splotches of blood are all that is left of Korin. O_O

    1. Where would the rest of him of gone? Did you EAT HIM?!?!?!

      1. add a little barbeque sauce and … joke, lol maybe Meela obliterated him with that strange red power.

        1. But wouldn’t there be alot more blood?

  54. Duh duh daaa! ooh hope she turns in to something awesome and scary!

  55. I agree :D

    1. Like some kind of demonic wolf glowing with red magic! Or would it be crackling with red magic?

  56. Grizzly,that in te grŠ¾und is blood.

    1. Yes I know the stuff on the ground is blood.

  57. And so the wait begins *gendo pose*

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