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There will not be a double update this week, but we'll start on them next week! Also we'd like to state for those of you that don't know: the lifespan of lupians is double that of humans, so they spend a much longer time in their prime. Thus why Korin doesn't appear as old as he should given the timeline. And Korin no longer has his blonde punk streak, he grew his hair out and chopped it off.

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  1. Its gonna be a reunion of brothers <3 <3

    1. Brothers? What? Are Korin and Feral brothers? o.O

      1. Well that would explain why they look so similar… (at least in my opinion)

      2. Leopardshadow1234

        Cousins, actually, I think ^.^

      3. No they aren’t. I don’t think they are even related. Korin killed Yuen’s (Feral) father back in chapter five. Then he went and tried to make Feral’s mother his mate and ended up accidentally killing her. Apparently he’s kept up his killing spree and killed Meela’s brothers and Father. Both Feral and Meela seem to be connected by their families were killed by Korin.

        1. on page 124 korin calls terin uncle, there for that would make him feral/yuen’s cousin. also im not sure if he did kill her father and conner, they could have been killed by a dif bounty hunter, though it is most likely that he did it.

        2. Wow people kind of took that and ran with it. IDK if they’re brothers cause it hasn’t been stated in the comic. O_o;

        3. I’m sorry to disappoint you all, but they are not brother, nor cousin, nor are they related in any way, they are…

          well, you’ll have to wait…

          HINT: their not friends…

          ~Kai~ out

        4. Well actually...

          Actually Kai-Wolfe, Terin is Korin’s uncle, which WOULD make Feral (Yuen), Korin’s cousin. If you go to chapter V. Patronized, page 124, Korin calls Terin uncle. That would make Korin, Terin’s nephew….
          So all in all, they ARE related….

        5. He could have just been calling him “uncle” like “old man”, but I never really made the connection for them being family. If that’s true…. Korin’s really twisted… lusted after his aunt and killed her (as accidentally as it is).

        6. Well, she wouldn’t be related to him by blood anyway. It’s more horrible to me that he tried to kill his own young cousin for simply being there when it happened…

        7. Calling someone “uncle” is also be a title of respect in some cultures, and does not necessarily indicate a genetic relationship. I’ve called family friends “aunt” and “uncle” because it would be disrespectful to call them by their first names.

        8. Although, as other people have pointed out (and with Algy’s below comment on the chain of command in lupians being familial) the context suggests he really is Korin’s uncle.

      4. But Feral has a doggy tail and Korin has a kitty tail…

        1. Capt. Oblivious

          Whoops… wrong person… I’m remembering the kitty person. =3

        2. I kinda wonder what happened to him

  2. AHHH! run Meela!!

  3. And now we find out how their stories are linked up. :O

  4. Hurry up, Feral!

  5. Oh wow. Well. I still want to know where his stripe went. If Lupians dye their hair, does their wolf form get dyed, too?

    Either way, Meela better get tout of there quickly while he is still shocked. She needs to find Feral. Quickly.

    1. Well, Scars appear on wolfshapes, so why not haircolour?

  6. Oh wow… I’m so glad that there will be few double updates starting next week, because things are getting interesting :O
    But I still want to know where is his white streak, and who killed Meela’s parents, and WHY did Korin killed Tannor, and WHY he is after her and… Oh man, more questions than ever!

    1. it says what happened to his streak in the description
      i think hes after her just because he became a bounty hunter, to him she’s just another pay check. It seams to be a common occupation among lupians.

      1. Yeah, description were edited later by authors, there were nothing about his hair when I checked this morning. Anyway, if this blond stroke wasn’t dyed, it shouldn’t just grow out. I know a lot of people with lighter streaks in their hair and it never grows out. It’s just natural part of their hair, but in different color. They’re always here, no matter, if the hair is short, or long, or whatever, the streak does not dissapear.
        But if Korin dyed his hair in any way, then everything is clear for me.

  7. is he still leader of Yuen’s clan?

    1. I’d think since it seems he may be a bounty hunter at this point that he wouldn’t be, but there is always the possibility.. o:

      1. Given how competent he appeared last time, the question is whether he avoided being bounced out on his ear.


  9. Serious as this all is, he has a nice butt vuv

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      Agreed. Why do the best butts belong to bad guys?
      Well, Feral has a nice but, so it’s okay. :3

  10. Omg runnn Meela! Where is Feral when u need him!
    Quick use your abilities meela! or run to Feral

    1. Well, she used her Secret Knowledge, which threw him off balance, and gave her a chance.

  11. Connections! What fun!

  12. …. Seriously!!!!! That fast forward to next friday button needs to be invented

  13. yep! totally didn’t see this coming. not! run Meela run!

    ;_; where is Feral when you need him.

  15. Leopardshadow1234

    Omg I am so glad for those double updates. I would never survive this scene one page per week. There are so many things that could come from this…And not come out of this. For example, she may manage to get away and never have to bring this encounter up. But either way, I’m pretty sure Korin is going to be the second bad guy in the series now besides Visrial. And I like the idea of Korin as a bad guy in the present comic :3

    1. Leopard this seen is too climactic to allow Meela to “pass it off” there is bound to be an epic Feral vs. Korin match.

      1. Leopardshadow1234

        You never know, Heyo, you never know o3o Especially given the fact she actually knows a little bit about fighting now. Of course I’m not saying she’ll beat him up and totally win, I’m saying she may manage to get away somehow V3V. And if she does, the same drama could still come later, because of course he’s gonna connect her with Feral/Yuen and start following her hoping to maybe find him, or just follow her and try to kill her because that is what he has to do, depending on how he thinks of it at this time, of course o3o. But I kinda do want Feral vs Korin, as that will be awesome and probably most-likely. (I also hope it’ll be in wolf-form, but I always want that when a battle scene is coming up, but this scene because it would just be awesome.)

        1. If it does happen, I hope it jogs back feral’s memories

  16. YAY FOR UPDATES! Ooo this is getting goood. I can’t wait to see the next couple pages. THE PLAGUE OF NOT KNOWING IS COMING TO LIIIGHT.
    good job you two! :D

  17. What this page has done has mostly reminded me of a major question. Why did she have those dreams???

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      MAGIC! *flails*

      1. your icon goes very well with what you said, i just imagine her saying magic and then throwing up a cloud of sparkle dust from her hand

    2. I think it’s because of both her and Feral having demon magic. But who knows. We’ll probably learn more later, but it’s so painful waiting for updates! lol

  18. I tried to find your kiosk at Otakon in Artist Alley on Sunday but I couldn’t :< I think you may have left by then? Either way, hopefully I'll get to swing by a con you guys are at one day and say hello and great job in person!

    Poor Meela, suffering for her mistakes

    1. We weren’t in the Artist Alley this year, we were in the Dealer’s Room. But we didn’t have any Strays stuff with us this time, so you didn’t miss much ^^;

      1. Are you guys gonna be at AnimeUSA in DC?

  19. LOL Oh my I guess I was wrong, about it not being Korin. ^^’
    Run Meela, run, go find Feral, or Feral hurry up and find her. XD

  20. This morning I was all like “Im gonna go sleeep some more.” Then I remembered that strays was updating. I sprang like a motherfucking gazelle out of bed and raced to my iPad. I like Korin’s tat. But I thought they only had clan marks on their arms?

    1. i did the exact same thing (only i have a laptop no ipad)
      well piper has her clan mark on her belly, but then again she’s not a lupian

    2. LOL! Thanks for that hilarious mental image ;P

      Not all tattoos are clan markings. Those are only put on the upper arms, any other tattoos elsewhere are just decorative.

  21. Korin doesn’t seem as sinister as one might expect a serial killer to be… O.o

    1. he’s not really a serial killer though, killing terin was almost like a tradition, they are lupians and therefor alot like wolves (which fight and kill for leadership) killing aveala was an accident (though he does have a slightly phsychotic anger/rage prob) and killing meela’s fam was just part of the job of being a bounty hunter, feral does the same thing (remember the old man)

  22. Aww shit, Korins gonna get fucked up…

    1. ikr, i’m just waiting for meela to unleash her rage and use her demon magic on korin’s ass

      1. I second that.

  23. Been following this comic for a while, love it, but I have a dumb little question. Is this the first time we know that it was Korin that killed her brother? Have there been any other hints or anything before this that I missed?

    And I’m all for Feral or Holland or even deer-man saving the day, but I wonder if this confrontation is going to trigger whatever the thing is that Meela has been worried about and forced her to leave people to protect them, and if we all should really be saying things like “wrong time, wrong place, korin. Sorry…but not really.” I think that Meela, in this moment, will be more than capable of taking care of herself. And maybe either Feral or Holland will show up in time to see it. That’s just one prediction.

    1. no there were no previous hints about it don’t worry

      that what im thinking too, im just waiting for her to turn into what ever it is she ran away for, also lets not forget who her teacher was, she could probably take korin now as a normal lupian

      1. Actually, first hint was here:

        1. *gives you an enthusiastic thumbs up* I totally forgot about that.

        2. Oh ya, totally forgot about that


  25. Anyone else voting for Meela to go all demon and kick his ass?

    1. thank you for reading my mind

      1. YUS! That was my thought last week, and she might not even need to go all demon on him to do it!

  26. Gosh, I wonder how much time passed since she activated the spell? He showed up quick.

  27. Personally I still think its amazing simply that Korin managed to find sleeves!

    1. Maybe he looted them off a kill.

  28. Oh man this is gunna be intense when Feral shows up.

  29. I’m sorry….maybe not sincerely but the face she made in the bottom left corner cracked me up x}

    1. Thank you. I felt bad about thinking that until I saw your comment. It IS pretty funny looking XD Poor Meela… she’s in some awful situation and I’m laughing at her face…

  30. Just a quick theory to throw out there-
    Korin killed Aveala, and wanted to kill Yuen because “She wouldn’t accept me because of you”
    Meela doesn’t know why her mom never came home, so she doesnt know if her mom is dead or alive.
    Could Korin be hunting Meela’s family to get rid of any past links in order to woo and win Meela’s mom for his mate?

    1. Why would Korin want Meela’s mom?

      1. Maybe because Mella’s mom is like, really pretty?



    1. I know it’s a pun, but technically he -is- attracted to other lupians :P

      1. Lupedophile then?


  33. Korin’s beard scruff looks funny! :) Not funny as in drawn wrong (it’s actually very accurate to beard scruff that I have seen… one of my friends likes to have beard scruff, really awkward) but funny as in hilarious. lolz
    Meela, you can take him! You have to stop running away from everything!
    And to reiterate what others have said, good timing for a bunch of double updates! The suspense would otherwise kill me!

  34. Don’t leave your pack, stupid!!!!

  35. I would just as confused as he was if some random little girl knew everything about me.

  36. Anyone else notice a similarity between Korin and Ferals shocked face?

    1. Panel 4 I could swear Ive seen Feral make the exact same face.

      1. Well, I think they ARE cousin’s on his father’s side.


        The expression you’re talking about, maybe? uwu

        1. OMG! Their faces are practically identical!

        2. Holy crap!


  38. It is Korrin…

    So I guess magic is the answer to why he has no scars anymore.

    1. Okay after a close examination of the page I noticed he does have his scars , just really hard to notice with the lighting.

  39. I wonder if the spell would have gone off if Meela had stepped OVER the line instead of on it.

    1. I thought that as well, there is bound to be a way to have avoided that trap

      1. Because if she had just moved her foot back alittle bit more she would have stepped over it and might have not caused the alarm to go off.

    2. No, it still would have been tripped whether she stepped on or over it.

  40. Feral’s gonna end up fighting korin, I just know it! XD

  41. Are you going to be at Daisho Convention in WI? You should, it’s awesome!

  42. I KNEW IT!
    Actually, I really like older Korin’s shocked expression for some reason…
    Interesting that she says he killed her brother, not her parents…it must have been a separate bounty hunter, or else Feral :P

    1. Maybe because his shocked expression looks like Feral’s on this page?

  43. This confirms the existence of Yuen! :D

    1. Also how long did he have that trap set up?

  44. Feral quick!!! Meela needs your help


  46. I wonder (hope!) if he followed her and finds her in time, if Feral’s seeing Korin may jog some of his repressed memories

  47. Ferral will come to the rescue watch, lol.

  48. I asked this on your GC site but when will you be updating gamercat? I realize your busy here but its been months since it was last updated.

    1. It hasn’t been months, it’s only been one, and I was too busy to update it. I plan to resume updates tomorrow.

      1. Okay thanks for the info. I apologize if I sounded impatient

  49. Nonono, they are related. Yuen’s dad says “I was made leader instead of your father” to Korrin, suggesting that the former leader was father to both him and Korrin’s dad, if leadership is passed down through a family, which that statement suggests it was. So Korrin would be Feral’s cousin. I can’t be 100% sure about that, but if memory serves right, it seems highly likely.

    1. The majority of Lupian clans are run by alpha families and leadership is generally passed down the family line by tradition. These faimilies are always strong and produce strong children which they choose an heir. Most of the time it is a male, on occasion a female. Smaller clans are usually run by those of strength, like in normal wolves.

  50. Cinni-mon, I don’t know where you got your information, but wolves are among the most docile of predators. While a fight for leadership may occur, deaths are extremely rare, the loser will back down when the stronger wolf becomes clear.

    1. I second that. I love wolves. <3

    2. I know, I wasn’t saying wolves are vicious and constantly killing each other for leadership, I was just saying that Korin’s is like a wolf, which do sometimes fight for leadership (occasionally to the death) but the main point I was trying to make was that Korin’s isn’t a serial killer just for killing Turin for leadership

  51. The doll! Don’t forget the doll! DX

  52. I wonder… stay with me on this what if… now what if that Feral knows Korin from a bonty hunter thing, and he just dont reconize each other orrrrr…..Korin informs fearl of Meella’s secret whatever hat may be…..
    my brain needs to shut up………..>.<

  53. Anyone else wondering what Visiral is doing right now?

  54. So…is calling her a mongrel the equivalent of calling her a ‘bastard’? How rude. And go on Meela! You can take him! <3 He looks sooo shocked. He's been waiting for her for years…and yet…she is not supposed to know him? So he is a Bounty Hunter maybe? Maybe he was sent to kill Meela's father, which her mother failed to do?

    1. Mongrel means…mongrel ;P

      And he hasn’t been waiting for her for years, more like… hmmm… almost a year? Since he set the tripwire.

      1. Patience is a virtue which he clearly has mastered. Staying on task however seems a tad hard for him. XD

  55. Oh my gosh I am so happy that Friday is only 2 days away now!

    I am sooo excited!

  56. Aaaaah! So much….suspense…. NOOOO! I MUST KNOW! WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT?!!?!

  57. Kinda embarrassed to say this, but check out dat ass. (Korin’s)

  58. Hello and thanks from Russian fans for the great comic =)

  59. God dang it Meela! When will you learn to keep your mouth shut ^^;


  61. I say CORIN instead of Morin because it looks like corn!! :3

  62. Corin lorin morin I’m on my kindle and it keeps correcting me!!! WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????????

  63. (take palm, apply directly to face) “The blue demon” -_-

  64. I like that she gave that away. It’s fun seeing how people react when revealing stuff you shouldn’t know.

  65. Wait OMG will Korin recognize Feral (as Yuen) and attack him?? He swore to kill him! WILL FERAL REMEMBER?!

  66. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I just noticed, in panel 2 we should be able to see Meela’s little pack thing on her left hip…. it’s not there, but it was one page ago.

  67. So, as I’m rereading this, I never picked up on this till now. He is the same guy that killed Yuen’s parents, I knew that but Meela calls him Korin, but on page 124, Yuen’s father called him Terin.

    Why is his named changed now?

    1. Terin is Yuen’s father’s name. It was Korin speaking in that speech bubble.

      1. Yeah, I realized that when I went back and checked a few of the pages before it xP

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