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Holland is a bird brain!

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  1. somehow didnt suprise me that holland is a birdman xD

  2. Yay Meela’s awake! Holland looks funny talking to the bird. Also I wonder where Feral is?

    1. Getting breakfast, I’ll bet!

    2. yay meela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD i wonder what happened to piper

      1. Skeeva da Argoniin

        Thats what I was wondering…

  3. Back to the land of the living! yay meela :) I love how the colours on this page are nice and happy and sunny. Makes a nice contrast to the previous pages :)

    I added cool smileys to this message… if you don’t see them go to:

  4. Yay! Meela’s awake! But where is Feral?
    Holland looks funny! Is he tweeting too or is he speaking normally?

    1. He is actually tweeting with the bird XD

      1. so…does this mean holland has a twitter? XD

        1. They should make a twitter account for him just for luls.

      2. Nice effect XD Tweet tweet! :3

    2. We’ll find out on the next page.

      1. About where Feral went, that is.

    3. If he was talking to the bird you could tell by speech bubbles, but since it has sound effect letters you can tell he’s tweeting

  5. Squeee! Meela’s awake!! <3

    I wonder if Meela will call Feral his real name when she sees him ;P

  6. Poor Meela, those dream must be so disorientating.

    And Holland gives a whole new meaning to “tweeting”! XD

    1. I see what you did there… xD

    2. Okay…. lol Tweeting I literally burst out laughing!

  7. Oh, bird talking – how cute =3

    1. That scene would be a good holland bird brain button!

  8. Holland looks so cuwuuuuute talking to the sparrow!

  9. Oh look. Holland’s tweeting. XD

    Hey @Feral, Meela’s awake!!! Happy times!!!

    1. ROFL

      1. ROFL x2

    2. #exciting

    3. You: +1 Internets

    4. I just loled all over the floor now you must clean it up >:C

  10. Tweet tweet tweet xD
    Hum… Meela’s awake. Everyone said that before me.
    Wonder where did Feral go. Perhaps hunting?

  11. Hipster Holland. Tweeting before the invention of computers.

    1. ROFLOL! For the win! XD

    2. I wonder if he’s limited to 140 characters?

      1. Birds are known for a short attention span…

  12. I guess that bird can only remember short messages — 140 characters or less.


    And Holland… He’s such an amusing character X3

  14. OMG Holland speaks bird??? that’s so cool.
    Now where is Feral…?

    1. Simply answering you because I’ve seen so many of the same comments :P Holland IS bird. Ergo, speaks bird.

      As for feral? Who knows :/ Probably bringing home a lot of rabbits :3

      1. hopefully just rabbit meat this time and not the bunnies themselves :P

        1. Yea lolz. Love it when Meela says “What are you doing?!” on page 48. She looks so funny.

  15. Yay she’s ok \o/
    hmmm I wonder if Meela will tell the others that her dreams are about Feral or slip up and call him Yuen xD
    Tweet tweet <3

  16. Lol birds. :D

  17. Yah, Meela is awake!
    I wonder how long she was out? And how will she tell Feral about her dreams?…
    lol I like all the tweeting comments already made so I’ll leave that one alone.

  18. Meela’s awake. That’s good. But now her mind’ll be in a jumble about what to do with Feral. I see a lot of drama in their future. Nice page, Celesse. Algy. You guys continue to impress.

    1. That doesn’t even say the half of it. Meela in panel 1 looks like she’s ready to start the zombie apocalypse.

  19. Will Holland show us the dance of his people as well?

    1. Hopefully it’ll involve shaking his tail feathers and showing us his plumage! XD

  20. Oh, Holland… how we love you so. :) Love his new clothing, it makes him look like he’s a saturday morning-stay-in-comfy-clothes/pjs-all-day kind of guy. :)
    Sending a message home, if only we could all tweet… oh wait… :P

    CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS with Feral’s and Meela’s relationship!

  21. Feral where are you?

    1. I betcha he’s getting Meela’s shoe back!

  22. Sweet Pjs Holland XD.

    Meela doesn’t lookbloody at all! Wow. FERAL! Get your butt back here! Meela’s got something to tell you!!!

  23. Holland has a strand of hair across his face in all panel except 5 was this an accident?

    1. I think it’s just the angle he is looking, because in the rest of the panels you either get a front view or from his left side, where as in the 4th panel you see him from the right.

  24. Holland was twittering before it was cool. Sorry couldn’t help it. xD

  25. lol XDXD The phrase “Bird Brain” takes a whole new meaning!!!

    oh, poor Meela…. I hope Feral catches another bunny soon, I’m starving! :D

  26. most adorable face of Holland on this page… Panel 4
    most adorable Meela on this page… All of it.

  27. He WOULD talk to birds. What a fruit! Haha :)

  28. awesome, Meela woke up.
    holland really does look funny talking to the bird.
    hmm.. where is feral??? he went out?

  29. I hope Meela remembers her dream. =) It’s be awesome if she called Feral Yuen when he gets back!

  30. Why do I get the feeling that Holland is the one saying the “Tweet tweet tweet” while the bird listens quietly? :3

  31. I’m glad Meela’s okay. I can’t wait to see what she’ll say to Feral! Things are getting good.

  32. Yay, I’m glad she woke up from her dream. Lots of things to mull over however, no wonder the poor dear is not feeling well still… Also, I wanna add I love the mortar and pestle off to the right there~ And that Feral had such a magical herb kit with him. Or was it Holland that had it? >>;

    1. Probably Feral had it. He’s the one prepared for everything….Holland’s too…. birdbrained (sorry, had to! :D lolz)

  33. asdkjadkasjd! I can’t wait to see what happens next. <3
    I been a solid fan since the first book and I seriously, love you guys for doing this! thank you ~

  34. Maybe this explained later? But, Was Holland born from an egg? And if so does he have a ton of fledgling brothers and sisters? Or did his parents only have one child?

      1. Oh! Thank you much, I missed that. I think I need to go reread the whole thing again.

    1. I don’t think he’s from an egg… he’s got a bellybutton!

      1. That is a VERY good point! I would not have thought of that…. lolz

  35. Awww…I was wondering why she was wearing different clothes in the dream.
    These guys are so sweet to her, I love their interactions. Where’s Feral? She needs to ask him about that dream…

    1. I’m guess those are offically her pajamas cuz she that shirt while she was @ the inn too.

  36. well, feral must still be around cause his bag is still there, lol

    1. yah, he wouldn’t go too far and leave Meela alone.

  37. I like Holland more now! X3

  38. Haha, Feral just had to fold her clothes nice and neat for her didn’t he? XD

    1. 8D OCD for the win.

      1. No, it’s CDO, you have to put it in alphabetical order! XD

        1. COD CALL OF DU-shot-

          j/k XDD

  39. Holland is cute when he talk bird u_u

    1. Omgosh, I know! ^v^ Squee! I think I’m in love!

  40. LOL! Algy….didn’t someone say he should be talking to birds when she wakes up on the chat? xD
    well they were right! awesome page

  41. What! Where’s Feral I’m going to have a serious talk with him! I’m so confused it ain’t even funny! Holland you are a Birdbrain! Look at his face while he’s having an in depth conversation with that avis like it’s an every day thing!

  42. YAY! Meela’s back!


  43. Yay <3 I'm so glad she's awake!

  44. Holland is SO much better at conversing with the woodland creatures than any Disney princess. FTW!
    Also, I may have said this before, but are any other watchers of Tsubasa Chronicles reminded of Fai D. Florite when they see Holland?

    1. Yeppers. Many a Holland page has comment conversations about his similarity. Even Agly and Celesse have admitted they see the similarity! We have also concluded that Feral is Kurugane (Xb not really, of course) leaving Meela to be Mokona. Xb

      1. MOKONA FFF.

        1. MOKONA IS SO CUTE!!!!
          Yeah, Holland reminds me of Fai BIG TIME!!!

  45. Yay! Awake! But where is Feral?

  46. Yay! Consciousness! At some point, will we be seeing Meela’s AUTHENTIC BATTLE DAMAGE???! :) cuz that would be awesome.

    1. More than likely. Meela’s not going to be able to resist looking at her scars from being STABBED. I wouldn’t be able to!

  47. :O!!! XD I was kind of waiting to see if she was still going to ask little Feral questions like how he got the red eye and all of that, but :3 I guess I have to wait and see XD. =D But the suspense is killing me to find out if she’ll still look at Feral the same way again!

  48. Yay! Meela has awaken!
    Lol, does Holland like shirts that show his stomach, or is that just the style???
    Hope we see Feral sooooon! :D!!!

  49. Oh, & love Holland’s look in the fourth panel <3

  50. omg. It seems belly-shirts(er, tunics?) are a permanent accessory in Holland’s wardrobe.
    Again, beautiful page! Gahhh suspense!

  51. Oh Holland, talking to birds, you silly swan.

    Hurray! Meela is awake and okay! She must remember the dream, I wonder if she’ll tell anyone

  52. Oh Holland, Y U SO SILLY?

    Yay, so Meela’s back to normal then. :D

  53. waaaaah ohgohd the bird brain joke made me laugh a little too much OTL… also the person who said a few pages back that meela was just placing her self in yuen’s image seems to be right… points for him( or her)


  55. One shouldn’t send messages with little birdies. They have notoriously loose tongues.

    1. I think a little bird told me that once….

  56. I get the feeling Meela may forget her dream if she gets side-tracked like this. :/

  57. Don’t ask why- but I found the scene where Holland is talking to the bird (3rd panel) rather adorable looking. ^.^ Tweet tweet

  58. Yay! Can’t wait for the next few pages it’s going to be so epic! :D

  59. I hope Meela remembers her dream…

  60. Yay, Meela’s awake! And probably has a few questions for Feral. ^^;

    Well, Holland CAN turn into a swan, so…this kind of makes sense. XD

  61. O.o I hope Feral didn’t leave for good. Maybe he’s out hunting? Or he left while he could so he couldn’t get Meela in any more danger. . .

    Gah, I need to stop coming up with such random theories >.>

  62. Yay, Meela’s awake!!! We all knew she wouldn’t die because if she did, byebye Strays!
    FERAL! GET YOUR BUTT BACK HERE!!! You need to make happy faces that Meela’s awake and alive (good song by Skillet, Awake And Alive, btw).
    Holland, you’re so adorable.
    Piper, how did you distract those guards??? Can’t wait to see the expensive ball gown Holland buys you!

    1. LoL Kaelina! You said what I said! About Feral needing to get his butt back here.
      Yea i don’t think Holland has gotten her an “expensive one” yet. :P
      Oh and a bout Piper distracting those guards? She’s Piper duh.

  63. Holland looks so cute talking to that bird! And where is Feral? o.o?

  64. I just LOVE this comic! It’s awesome! And the art is amazing.

  65. Panel 3: Aww, Holland’s talking to the bird :)

  66. Man, this development begs the question… just WHY is Meela having these dreams of Yuen/Feral’s past? It seems she’d been having them for some time before they even met. So mysterious~ :)

    1. I believe that she said she hasn’t dreamt anything like that before when she had her first one, so no, she started having them when she first met Feral. :)
      But it’s mysterious nonetheless.

  67. Holland always seems so happy … -.-

    I can’t wait for Feral to show up! :D

  68. so if Feral still has that book… and still writes in that “weird language” … then he knows “Yuen’s story” too? soooo, he know’s his own past, but he can’t remember it anyway?
    This sounds serious…

    1. what if it’s different journals that just look the same O.o

  69. At this point, I just wana see Feral give Meela a hug <3

    I'm beginning to think Feral and Meela may actually be related some how…

  70. Puts a whole new meaning to “tweeting” lol

  71. Also as far as Yuen/Feral…..
    Look back when Yuen’s mom was packing that bag, looked very familiar. Then there is the identical journals written in a language so old that Meela doesn’t know it. And then there is the hair and eye color…. at least, for Feral it would be his left eye.

  72. Holland- “I tweeted before Twitter was cool”.

  73. Camping for the next update. >:D

  74. YAY! Holland’s back! ^(^[]^)^ I missed him…

  75. I think Holland needs a Twitter. XD

  76. Somehow, from this page onwards, it says there’s no thumbnail and when i click it there’s no page…

  77. This is how people tweeted before internet exited XD

  78. She needs to find Feral/Yuen and hug him for us! >:O

  79. "PASTAAAAAAAA!!!!!~"

    She wasnt wearing that outfit when she got stabbed…….I wonder who changed her? @////////@

  80. OH MY GOD


  81. I really like Holland, he is so cute :3

  82. Aww. Holland’s birdy talk face is soooo cute!

  83. Holland is a confirmed twitter user

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