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Things get heated as Avela rejects Korin's advances.

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  1. You go, girl! Alpha female powah.

    1. Totally Agree


  2. G e t out A l i ve

    Ah, I saw this coming… >.>

  3. i love her hair its sooo cool i wish i could draw like that!

    1. *sigh* does no one who reads comics know how too draw except Me?

      1. Usually I sit around wondering if everyone can picture except me.

        Not to say I can’t whatsoever… but it takes me 10 hours to produce something worse than most “artists” can produce in 10 minutes. So far as comics go, that might as well be a failing grade right from the get-go.

      2. i know how!! its fun isnt it?!

  4. Go Avela! Show him what’s up!

  5. People! Stop saying you wish you could draw like that! Artistic ability is not something that pops out of nowhere. If you want to draw like that, *learn* how to draw like that. It takes work. It will require you to keep working at it when you know that your stick figures look like s***. But you have to wade through your s*** to get to the shiny.
    For the record, very good artwork, plot, and characters, cohesive setting…

    1. Random Girl Named Bob

      Not really. Artistic ability is just something you’re born with. And I bet most of the time when people say they wish they could draw like that, they mean it in a form of praise. Like, wow you are really good, I bet a lot of people are jealous of your art. See what I mean.

    2. It is all well and good for someone who CAN picture to claim it is the result of hard work… BUT they generally were able to do it at least half-well in the first place in order to work on making it better. Others could spend half their life trying and never progress beyond mediocre.

      Few things are ever exclusively nature or nurture… most generally being a combination of the two. Or in this case, talent AND practice.

      And I rather wish it was a talent I had…
      But alas… while I can story, and I can piano, and to a certain extent I can wushu… I can’t picture.

      (I can also verb nouns, but that is less a matter of ability and more a matter of bizarre habit.)

      1. I’m not really sure whether it’s just something you have or you practice for, because (not to toot my own horn but) I’m pretty good at drawing stuff.

        I think it’s sort of a combination of both. You have to have a certain personality or way of thinking to be good at drawing. Like, how you see stuff. You also have to have a real passion for it to stick with it, like with writing or any talent.

        I’ve been drawing since I was two because I like it. When I got older, I started to try and improve as well as doing it for fun (I can’t go a week without drawing, it’s like, compulsive). When you draw for a long time, it just sort of comes to you, that’s why whenever someone asks me, “Woah, how do you do that?” I literally can’t answer or have a hard time answering, because it just feels like I have always been able to do it, and I can’t not remember being unable to do it.

        But I do know some people who can look at a picture and draw it perfectly, even though they can’t draw at all from imagination. It has to do with how visual you are, I guess.

  6. She should’ve pimp-slapped him. Or groin-kicked him. That always works.

  7. This page actually makes sense as to why she would reject him, besides him being an A-hole.

    I mean, think about it. Real wolves mate for life. It’s probably in her genes more-so than anything as to why she’s rejecting him. (i’m of course excluding her love for her husband and the fact that Korin is sucha tool o__e)

  8. Isn’t the tatoo on Korin’s arm on the other side? I swear on the page where he kills the original alpha it’s on the other side O.O?

    1. im pretty sure he has it on both coz in the second panel its on the left and the rest its on the right

  9. *eh-hem*

    like a winner..

  10. I’m surprised nobody said this yet but…
    Korin. My findings are conclusive….
    You’ve just been DENIED!!!

  11. Ahaha! Total REJECTION! Seriously, Korin- you don’t do that. Especially with a girl who knows how to fight. LOL


  13. That’s right girl! SHOW HIM WHAT CHU GOT!

    Sakura style of saying:CHA

    (Even though i dislike Sakura in Naruto xd)

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