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  1. Hurry! Get a light source! :O

    1. minecraft!

      1. Actually, think Don’t Starve. When you don’t have a light source, things get baaaad.

        1. Try going insane. Then it gets straight up SCARY!

    2. That’ss a very nicce sstickss sshelter you have there… It wouldn’t really be a sshame if ssomething happened to it, because it’s a horrible made sshelter anyway… Sssssssssss…

  2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Meela’s face in the fourth panel is PRICELESS!

    1. agreed!

  3. Hehe… Make some torches…. XD

  4. If this were Minecraft she’d be so screwed… XD

    1. Nah, just make a torch dig three blocks down and then replace the dirt block above your head. XD

  5. STICKS!!! lolz

  6. How old is Meela?

    1. She’s 12 years old, it is shown in the “Characters” icon

  7. so much minecraft references here!

  8. how did her shelter go from a tripod to a square sorta thing?

  9. …failure…. no offense, Meela.

  10. Impressive! I wouldn’t be able to do that… Maybe I would, since I watch Duel survival and Man vs Wild XD

  11. Am i the only person who thought off the bat she was a girl?

  12. I thought so too…i mean the name screams girl…- -‘

  13. Oh and hi, btw, I’m new to thi archives sights

  14. She did all that in such a short amount of (panicked) time? Just think what she could have built if she hadn’t slept most of the day away :P

  15. Camolot the Creator

    That’s not bad, really. You could’ve woven the vines together into a stronger rope and used it to bind it together better and covered the roof with leaves, but this is good enough for the moment, I suppose.

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