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12 thoughts on “Page 104

  1. I would already of started running away. You just know who’s coming and that it’s death-personified.

  2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    The mental image of Feral pulling Piper’s tail cracks me up…..

    1. now i cant stop loughing

  3. You know in pannel two when Piper is holding Feral’s hair I think she just wammed her knee inbetween his legs… ouch

  4. Just the shadow tells you…You don’t want to mess with Earl. xD

  5. Did nobody notice that Piper has her thumb hooked in Feral’s mouth in the last panel X3

  6. lol meela needs some popcorn

  7. I can totally imagine Feral pulling Piper’s tail XDD

  8. Poor feral, he’s just not having a good day today is he

  9. They’re screwed

    Meela’s just watching and eating! XDD

  10. Is that chicken good, Meela?

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