Page 191 Coming Soon

Yes, there will be a page update today! We’re a little behind because of AWA though, so it won’t be posted at the usual early morning time and instead will probably post by Friday night. Keep your eyes peeled for it! Or just watch the Facebook page, we announce it there as soon as it goes up ;P

We would also like to thank everybody that stopped by to see us during AWA! It was great to meet so many fans in person and we gave out a ton of cards, so hopefully there are some new ones lurking around!

4 thoughts on “Page 191 Coming Soon

  1. Hi! Wish I could’ve come to see you guys in Atlanta, but I’m glad to hear that it went so well. ^^ *stalks website for new page*

  2. I wish I could’ve gone….
    Hey… Don’t you guys want to come to Brazil? :D (I know It’s absurd)

  3. I got to see you at AWA it was freaking sweet

  4. Hi!

    I’m one of those who picked up a card at AWA. So glad that I did :) I love, love, love it!!

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