Page 185 Up, Next Update Likely Delayed

Edit: Okay, Page 185 is up! Thank you for all of your concerned comments! We’re doing our best to stay safe through Hurricane Irene. Next week’s update is still up in the air though, it all depends how bad Irene hits us. Enjoy 185 for now!

Original Post: Sorry guys, page 185 is delayed. We’re right in the path of Hurricane Irene so we’re busy preparing for it…you know, hoarding food and water, boarding up windows, putting away anything that could become a deadly flying projectile in 100mph winds and impale us. All of that fun stuff. I’ll try to get the page finished before it hits us, but no promises. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it up by Friday night though.

Also, if we get pummeled and the power goes out, there will most likely not be an update next week. We kind of need electricity to produce the pages, so without it it’s just not possible. It depends on how hard we get hit and if the power goes out at all or not. Let’s just hope it stays on! We’ll keep you updated!

30 thoughts on “Page 185 Up, Next Update Likely Delayed

  1. No problem at all. D: Stay safe in this time of the hurricaine! I hope that it’ll miss you guys.

  2. I’ve been through a few hurricanes myself. If you are in the 24 hour projected path, please.. PLEASE, get out well before it hits land. >.< I have packed my computer several times along with my stuff and evacuated out of dodge. Just bring in anything that could be a missile during the storm and evacuate out.

  3. Stay safe, hope you’ll be ok through the storm, im lucky not to like in a country with such frequent tornados, and in the path of hurrocains…. good luck, hope to see ya back ok afterwards :)

  4. Safety is always more important than a webcomic. Don’t worry about updating. I’ll be praying for everyone in the hurricane’s path.

  5. Please be safe! We love your webcomic, but we can wait as long as it takes to see the next page. Good luck!

  6. Don’t worry about those pages, your well being is FAR more important…stay safe. You’ll be in our prayers, ok? <3

  7. Please be careful and stay safe! I love your comic, but it’s not more important with your lives! Love you guys and God bless!

  8. I’m partially in the path myself, so I totally understand. Just hunker down on higher ground and stay safe.

  9. i know they say that it’s gonna hit us on Sunday. everyone is freaking out, but i’m trying to keep my cool.

  10. im in the path too. it shifted a day ago so now its goin right over me. ill wave out the eye :D

  11. XDD I’m getting Irene too.

  12. Geeze, that’s kinda scary… Keep you all in my thoughts!! Stay safe, everybody! :)

  13. By all means, be safe!

  14. Yikes, y’all stay safe! I’ve got a couple of friends over in that direction, and you’re all in my thoughts!

  15. Wow… stay safe you two! Just know where ever you are… i pray for your safety! =)

  16. Dont worry about the page! Just stay safe and dont get hurt. Im partially in the path myself but luckily it wont hit me(I think)

  17. Stay safe, you two >:

  18. Not a Problem, rather miss a couple of updates and have you guys safe. over have the story end forever.

  19. Blessings and safe wishes for you guys! You know we’ll always stick around, so if we have to wait or not, your safety is priority! Stay safe and strong!
    God bless!

  20. Good luck, and stay safe!

  21. Stay safe. A web comic is a web comic. But a life can’t compare to anything. I hope you guys get through this without any problems! We can wait as long as it takes for you guys to come back. All that really matters is that you get through this safely. :)

  22. (First time posting here)

    I’d rather have you guys safe and able to put out a delayed comic then getting hurt because you rushed for “Fans’ Demands” or other fiascoes as a result of not battening down the hatches there in preparation for the storm.

    I’d rather you were safe first, then worry on the comic.

  23. Hope you guys don’t get hit to hard. Get that place secure and luck with the power not going out. Make that place almost like fort knocks. Stay Safe

  24. That’s alright! Safety first!
    We can wait!

  25. You guys stay safe, you hear? Don’t worry about not updating for a while. In my book, late updates are better than no more updates, so keep yourselfs safe.

  26. just be safe, don’t worry about the page ok.. we will live waiting as long as you are safe and alive.


  27. In the same position as you guys, not looking forward to this one o.- Stay safe, dry, and warm and good luck on those flying projectiles ;) already put away various golf clubs, bats, field hockey sticks ect here at my place XD GOOD LUCK

  28. All the best! Stay safe and I pray the storm doesn’t end up coming near anyone!

  29. please please please please stay safe! the comic doesn’t matter if you two aren’t okay. :|

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