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  1. Staaaaaare~ xP

    1. *rolls eyes* seriously?!

  2. Foxes are always the sexy ones.


  3. Hothothothot

  4. He should have pointed at HER.

  5. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Feral… tsk, tsk, tsk….you’re so naughty

  6. it would be epic if he would turn into a wolf and start chasing here around like wolfs do

    1. Would that be hunting behavior or foreplay?

      1. if i remember correctly, its foreplay. i have seen when wolfs, two adult males, were chasing each other in a play-like way. they never showed and anger of dominance toward each other. just like puppys. but that was a while ago, if i remember the two wolfs were not that young, the video had been filmed years ago, and now the wolfs are elders together in the pack. so, long comment short: i’m pretty sure that would be foreplay :)

  7. Rob Zombies ”Foxy foxy” would be so great as a soundtrack in here. With the lyrics and everything. xD

  8. Meela he’s thinking about it…

  9. He’s a man after all >u>

  10. Ohhhh nu-aughty hehe X3

  11. Mmh… Here’s Feral being a typical male… I feel the same way as Meela whenever I’m in a public place with my brother… face::palm “Cam, quit ogling the girls… At least while I’m here!”

  12. lol and here you see the typical wolf male wolf stalking and getting ready to pounce his pray. GL Feral and if Meela doesnt like it lock her ass outside lol

  13. Oy Feral! *whistles* hello?..

  14. Feral doesn’t really like others, so she must be the next mission.

    1. You predicted the future :)

  15. OMG Those chibi panels! XD

  16. That top of hers is so badly designed…
    Not only would it not offer any support, but it looks like the slightest pressure would cause it to rip in one of at least three distinct weak-points.
    Even just walking about in that thing would probably cause it to either break or fall off.

    1. That’s probably why she wears it. To get boys to look, and to get her breasts to look bigger.

    2. I think the thing that may save it from falling would be the part that goes around the back of her neck (holding up the front and providing more support). It is shown in the next page but idk, I am not a clothing designer >.>

    3. Lee of Team Avatar

      The top is well designed for its particular purpose.

  17. ha there faces in panel 5

  18. Just a question, how do the front ringlets of Piper’s hair stay like that? I’m wanting to do part of my hair like that, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

  19. Wait a minute. Why does the pretty fox lady have ears and no one else?

  20. STARE –>


  22. Gotta say
    Looks a lot like kit from feywinds
    I hope it’s not intentional

  23. Camolot the Creator


  24. oh he’s thinkin bout it

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