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Things are a mess.

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  1. ;-; my feels, but at the same time I’m glad you added this pg

  2. Just rolling in this tumbleweed of feels.

  3. Heh. Feral´s in love. :->

    1. …..You’d better not be serious. Meela is a *little GIRL*. He better NOT be in love with her. Gross.

      1. Um, dirty mind much? I was thinking about his protective instinct, not the other one…
        Meela is a pup. I once raised a pup, and i totally fell in love with that little bugger. And by “love” i don´t mean bestiality, fwiw.

        1. OK. *Phew* Forgive me, just making sure. Some people, when it comes to online comics, animes, etc. like this, WILL ship such characters, …despite age differences (one will be a child). DX So I am a little…wary and on edge about that stuff, because I’ve seen people actually promote that stuff before. *Shudder* They don’t seem to realize that by doing so, they’re promoting and justifying something that’s very damaging and dangerous, whether the characters are “make believe” or not. SO glad you weren’t though.

          Again, my bad for misunderstanding you.

        2. No problem, no offense taken. But please be careful with things like this, there´s already too much “outragism” in this crazy world. ;-)

  4. I want to cuddle wolf Feral so badly! He looks so fluffy!

  5. Thank you for adding this page, it looks great and makes the story flow a little better.
    Wolf Feral chilling in the background and Bird Holland.

  6. Poor Feral :< Seeing Meela cry awakened his daddy instincts. It's kinda adorable how he's keeping an eye on her both in normal form and wolf form.

  7. Omg Holland is just like ~Meela~ my bby i missed you! This entire page! He’s such a softie!

    1. Holland is just so freaking selfless. He is all the love and hugs we cannot give Meela ourselves.

  8. I don’t understand what’s happening in the second panel- what’s the green thing she’s holding and all that yellow stuff in her face?

    1. She holds nothing. It’s the left hand of Hollande, and the yellow stuff is healing magic. Hollande heals Meela’s wound. =3
      By the way his face is funny x3

    2. His glove is blue and the healing magic is yellow turning the glove green.

  9. I want to hug the both of them. T^T

  10. Is Holland in his swan form in that lower left panel? Is he fishing or just chillin’?

  11. Gotta say, these last few pages have made me realize how much you guys have improved over these years. Magnificent job (o’v`b)bGOOD☆

  12. My feels. You broke them.

    1. Mine, too.

  13. Much better transition! The multiple panels and what y’all chose to present in them helps clarify the passage of time and hints at what happened in-between. Thank you so much for taking the time to make and insert this page.

  14. Holland’s such a sweetheart, comforting Meela and all. Awwww, and she’s cuddling the stuffed wolf!

  15. i love this page!!

  16. By the way, I love how you’ve included Holland and Feral both in their animal forms. It’s nice to see them in their animal forms in a more relaxed atmosphere, which hasn’t happened since Meela first learned to transform. Also, I suspect that Meela being the only one of the three not to transform is intentional. Even if both the men know that she’s a demon lupian and she doesn’t need to wear her hat, she probably doesn’t want to transform and show her demonic side in all its glory (again).

    1. You’re correct :) Meela is acting shy and ashamed of her new animal form. She’d probably be wearing her hat if Holland hadn’t taken it to encourage her to let them accept her new appearance.

  17. Oh my! I missed this added page…. I LOVE IT! So many FEELS. I didn’t realize I needed this page until you added it! lol

  18. Oh, googily-moogily! My feels have been squished and everything is so much a better transition! <3 <3 <3!!!

  19. Me: How cool! A big swan in the pond! Seems kind of rando- Wait…

  20. Oh, Meela, I know that feeling when you just can’t stop crying….

  21. Poor Holland… smiling through it all… trying everything he can to fix this mess… when really, there’s nothing he can do to make this better…

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