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That was definitely the wrong thing to suggest.

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  1. Oh no, no, no, no, no, no.

    O.O I don’t want the bad times. But they are a-comin’, aren’t they? Eep.

    1. them feels be coming no to the bad times but they ar a-comin’ T.T oh noes


  3. Gaahh It wouldn’t be so bad if Malkar wasn’t in Feral’s body as well OTL

  4. Oh no D:

  5. “The Boulder feels conflicted” (Kudos to anyone who gets that reference)

    I anticipated something like this. I have a strong desire for Meela to try to fight Malkar-but key word is , try- because at the same time I want Feral to hold him back in order to protect petulant teenager Meela.

    1. Does the second panel seem “flat” to anyone else? Like something is wrong with the highlites & shading- or is it just my tablet being weird?

      1. It is more light than the others, but I’m interpreting it as showing that fun flash/”stars” one sometimes sees when hit in the head forcibly enough (like that knee to the jaw)

        It also just might be that way to keep the action clear, with them that close the darker background of the other panels could eat up all the clarity, and that knee is kinda important in this conflict (Feral going on the offensive, if only for a moment)

        1. “Sounds to me like you’re scared, Boulder.”


        2. T > T “The Boulder is over his conflicted feelings.”

          Feral looks very…frustrated that she would suggest such a thing. Gah, Meela WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Dx I don’t see this ending very well and why do I get a feeling the ending of this comic is coming very soon?

        3. Ah, that makes sense.

    2. I see your Avatar reference. =P

      And, holy crap, this scenario is going bad fast. O.O

  6. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh Meela baby, don’t do this! Just because Malkar is locked inside Feral’s body…. Don’t hurt Feral! He’s just as much a victim as you, Meela. :(

  7. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Meela, you just tried to fight Malkar. It didn’t go well. Jyaku spent so much time re-sealing him. Why would you want to undo all that?! You will DIE if you try to face Malkar again.

    1. I know this sounds cynical, but at this point is there anything left for Meela to live for? In her mind anyway?

  8. Meela that was like the stupidest damn thing you could have said…

  9. avatar the last air bender reference

  10. And now Feral finds out Meela hates him for something Malkar did.

  11. I had a dream a couple of weeks ago about a hulking demon named Malkar who fed on the souls of little kids. Woke up going “Gee, I know I got that name from somewhere…”

    1. You’ve had a few great dreams sense then right? They were not all nightmares of big hulking demons?

      1. Heh, freak thing, yes. XD I don’t typically have dreams about hulking demons. Though those tend to be some of the cooler ones…

  12. I can’t even. Please, Meela, stop fighting him and trying to draw Malkar out. Feral, calm her down better! I don’t care what you have to do, just calm her down!

    (Also, is anyone else getting a thing where the last page has disappeared? It used to be there, but today the page where Meela is talking is gone)

    1. I noticed this as well due to the odd transitioning. I went back a few pages to get the rhythm of the story so far correct and thus noticed her accusation of him trying to kill her is gone.

      Maybe the author felt there needed to be a different flow of events based on the comments left. I must admit, I feel less frustrated when it comes to Meela with this subtle change to the flow.

      The first time around it had good continuity when it came to her personality from the beginning and the embedded traits from how nurtured she was by her brother.

      This flow of events also works out rather well because, despite she is still jumping headfirst, there is a sense of some developed maturity now due to her life on her own and when under Feral and Holland.

      1. Page 368 is still in the archives. But like you said the pages do jump from 367 to 369…. um…. Glitch?

        1. Sorry about the page disappearing, it’s fixed now.

        2. Hahaha… there goes my theory. :P

  13. Holy cow, Meela…
    Calm down. Take a chill pill. Breathe. Talk/gesture it out

    1. Hahahaha! Because your best friend killing your family is totally something someone can apologize and make up for through gestures. ):l

  14. oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo

  15. It looks like we either skipped page 368 or this one is mislabeled.

  16. Don’t call the devil… he might come.

  17. I’m waiting for them to kill each other and the author to call it a day.

    1. Well… yeah… but we’ll still be in the ACF for a long… long time. :(

      1. Not just a long long time. Life. I would be in the AFC corner crying till the end of my days.

        1. If heat happens I will be an old lady in a nursing home, crying to my great grandchildren in my final hours: “why??!? Why did the mean, mean horrible authors of that web comic have to end it that way?!?! Why Meela and Feral, Why…..” (Death) and my grandchildren will puzzle for many a generation what the heck that ment, because next to my grave I’ll have it arranged for there to be put a R.I.P Meela and Feral sign.

        2. *If heat happens*

        3. Sorry, I hate spell check so very very much. The first line was supposed to say: *If that happens*

        4. You have now given me the best idea in the universe. So doing that when I die.

  18. I’ve just realized who Feral/Malkar reminds me of. Senri from +anima. Both are mute people hosting demons that used to be seperate entities and they suppress them with a ward or cover on one eye. both travel with an annoying/perky child, a price, and a pretty theif.

    1. That’s an amazing number of similarities. I should check that one out. :D

    2. Actually Senri isn’t mute he just doesn’t talk a lot but yeah i see what you mean..I wanna reread that now…ah nostalgia

      1. Oh yeah, that’s right. I guess if I’m forgetting stuff like that it’s time to re-read the series! I wonder if I can find the last book again…

  19. Meela, no…last time you talked to Malkar, you almost got ‘vaporized’ like Visrael did…

  20. I feel like this comic gets more suspenseful and anxiety-inducing with each page.

  21. Does Meela not realize how out-matched she is with Feral alone??

  22. As a certain caned, top-hatted, dressed-in-white Legendary Sword would say,


  23. CURSE THESE LONG WEEKS!!! THE AUTHORS ARE TOO AMAZING! I CAN’T TAKE THE SUSPENSE!!! How did they hook me on this!? It is just too wow… I am going to go crazy from excitement of this story! *sits in ACF corner* Meela… Be careful what you wish for…

    1. *joins you and brings popcorn* Yes, Meela, be careful because I will come into the story and scold you personally since Feral can’t.


  24. Oh god, she is just ASKING for a death sentence!

  25. Someones gonna come, probly someone from a village nearby or passing thro the middle of the night. And if that happens its going to end up really badly for Meela.I don’t know, I have this feeling something bad is going to happen to Meela and I don’t mean Malkar bad.

  26. Ya know what Holland, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea!

  27. Feral, you know what you have to do…I hope…>_< I'm gonna keep hoping this fight will end soon…please, Feral, if you lose your head now, we're going to have TWO headless people flinging themselves at each other…surely you know SOME WAY of calming her down so she'll think straight for two seconds and stop acting out in an emotional teenage outburst! (We keep telling you to hug! Why don't you try that?! I don't care if it's a chokehold by this point! HUG THAT GIRL!!!)


  29. Oh. Snap. Shit just got real!

  30. As everyone is already saying, bad idea Meela! Don’t do it! He already killed your father AND brother . . . and Feral is clearly already besting you even when you’re in demon wolf form! You don’t stand a chance against dark-power-absorbing Malkar! D:

    If it wasn’t for the very real danger of bringing Mal out, I would suggest Feral absorb just enough of Meela’s power to knock her out like he did to Visrial before. But that would be a bad idea in this situation, unfortunately, so I guess a good solid punch and/or kick will have to do.

    Either way, this is NOT going well. ;_; Loss of temper by a very aggressive Lupian in 3 . . . 2 . . .

    PS: Anyone else have the desire to see Feral turn into his wolf form and try to carry Meela puppy-style (or, rather, drag her) back to Jyaku and Holland? XD;

    1. Lol. The surprise comedic timing… I hadn’t thought of that… I want to see it!
      Someone fan art this ^ puppy carry idea- please. Haha.



  33. Stahp Meela STAHP

  34. You know, I never actually realized how much Feral looks like he wears eyeliner. He’s totally a member of Fall Out Boy.


  36. I dont’ know why but I think it’s not a really bad idea. Maybe she might be able to “save” Feral from Malkar – one problem solved.
    IDK if she already has the level (I don’t think so >< but anyway we'll see.)

  37. I can just imagine her saying this in a deep creepy voice. I think she’s crossed the bridge to insanity.

  38. Also, I bet Feral has never before wished so much that he could talk.

  39. Trees+Owlz+Books = Peace

    Wh-ha-hyyyyyyyyy!?!? *weeps silently in corner and waits for impending world explosion.*

  40. My mind’s tellin me noo… BUT MAH BODYYYYY’s TELLING ME YESSSssss

  41. I’m not sure he’s actually going to go into that mode. Oh he’s pissed at her and rightly so, but I don’t think that’s angry. I’m pretty sure that if he had wanted to, he could have killed her already. Meela is scarydemonwolf right now, but Feral is still the better fighter. He doesn’t want her hurt. <3

    1. he’s that angry*

  42. Ow…right in the feels. :'(

  43. And to think, all of this probably could have been avoided if feral could only speak. Well, if he goes into malkar mode he will be able to but something tells me malkar isn’t going to try to explain things like feral would.

    Also meela, honey, what kinda stupid do you gotta be to want him to release malkar. You can barely hold your own against feral, not to mention you know mal has already absorbed pure demons and you’re only a half breed

  44. so she´s willing to hurt, maybe even kill her best friend and mentor to get revenge on malkar? oh meela, oh meela… i never thought she would go that far

  45. … Meela… Please… just shut up. Right now. You are making things SO MUCH WORSE

  46. D8!! No more Malkar!! Meela you’re going over the deep end now…O.o…what if she gets into his mind with her ability thing they said she has???

  47. To quote Megatron: “Oh, so unwise”.

  48. Overreaction… much, Meela?!

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