• Volume 1 Comics
    • Volume 1 Volume I
      • Page 01 Chapter I. The Lost Child
        Meela is a young, orphaned lupian of only 12 years old who is struggling to survive on her own. When making camp for the night she has an unexpected visitor of an unusual nature. With her camp destroyed and the stranger appearing to have little concern for the damage he's caused, what will she do?
      • Page 29 Chapter II. Baggage
        Meela appears to have gained a new companion, but any conversation she attempts doesn't seem to go very well. When exhaustion finally takes her, Meela finds herself in a strange dream with a new friend, but his idea of fun isn't exactly conventional. Finally, when morning arrives Feral seems ready to take his leave...but will Meela let him get away that easily?
      • Page 55 Chapter III. Growing Pains
        Following her new companion Feral, Meela meets his manager and the two of them receive their fist mission together. Meela is excited about bringing in the deadly recluse, but is she prepared to face the dangers that it will bring? Will she aid the mission, or only prove to be a major hinderance to Feral? She certainly won't wait patiently on the sidelines!
      • Page 83 Chapter IV. Conflict
        After finishing their first mission, Meela and Feral continue their journey and eventually find refuge at a humble little inn. But neither will get much rest when Feral meets a lively and seductive vixen named Piper, who proves to be more trouble than she's worth. When Meela's jealousy over losing Feral's attention gets the better of her, Feral finds himself between a rock and a hard place.
      • Page 109 Chapter V. Patronized
        A night at the inn brings more strange dreams, and even stranger behavior from Feral. Meela finally has sincere cause to fear him and what he is capable of doing to her, but a surprising discovery proves a distraction. However, when Meela soon finds herself without the coin to pay for her stay at the inn, she is put to work and meets an interesting stranger. What could his intentions be?
    • Volume 2 Volume II
      • Page 135 Chapter VI. The Swan
        As their journey continues, Meela and Feral share a brief bonding moment over a lunch of fish. During their meal, the hooded stranger reappears and finally reveals his identity, naming himself Feral's new client and begging Feral's assistance. When he agrees to take the job, the three of them set off together, but Meela soon slips into another odd dream...
      • Page 160 Chapter VII. Deception
        When the trio need to crash a fancy ball at a large mansion, some primping and a change of clothes is in order. Holland has a sneaky secret which is soon revealed as they enter the party, but he is in for his own surprise when a familiar face appears in the crowd. Feral's prowess in stealth gets him inside, but at the moment of victory a hurdle appears. With a serious threat before them, will the trio make it out alive?
      • Page 187 Chapter VIII. Dangerous Games
      • Page 213 Chapter IX. Responsibility
      • Page 239 Chapter X. Borrowed Time
    • Page 264 Volume III
    • Page 387 Epilogue