Store Updated

Oh, look at that! The store has been updated just in time for holiday shopping :D We have added a whole bunch of new items, including Holland and Piper charms as well as a ton of buttons and prints! Be sure to stop by and check out the new stuff!

Visit the store!

13 thoughts on “Store Updated

  1. Awesome stuff in the store guys. :D
    I love the new prints up there. I’m glad you managed to make Piper really, really hot without overly exaggerating her body (it’s refreshing, especially in Manga.)
    Fantastic job, can’t wait for the next page tomorrow. ^^

  2. Since we have a button of Piper as a fox, can we have a button of feral in his wolf form? Mabye the one when he has the failbunny in his mouth? So cutee~<3 I'd totally buy that.

  3. I really, really, REALLY want some of those buttons! Namely, “Holland Oh Crap face,” “Feral not amused face” and “Meela Horror face.” I just NEED those! Yay Christmas wish lists…

  4. I put a Chibi Meela charm on my Christmas wishlist! 8D And I might… might… buy the first book with my Christmas money if I have enough. x3

  5. Would it be possible someday to get sticker versions of the buttons in the store?

  6. Ooooh! I love these<3 must order
    you guys are the best

  7. If you sold your Christmas drawing as a print I’m sure you’d have many buyers ; ) Love your stuff so much ladies! I know I should spend any money, but I think I’ll end up buying some buttons. I have a friend who loves buttons and she’d wear them on her purse with pride I know it! :)

  8. Are these books ever going to be published in stores because they are amazing

    1. They will not. We looked into it and the return costs would not pan out to help us produce our other products at the same time. Not to mention, comic publishers generally find full color to be expensive.

      1. okay thank you oh and i follow you on deviant art you are so cool

  9. I’ve been fawning over the buttons for weeks and was lucky enough to get a Visa gift card for my birthday, so I just went crazy and bought about half of the buttons available and a small print. <: D WIN! Can't wait to get them!

  10. So when are we getting chapters 4,5,6, and 7 in booklet form?

    1. We won’t be printing those chapters in booklet form. Chapters 1 – 5 are now Volume 1 and Chapters starting at 6 and so on will be followed with a Volume 2. The Chapter Booklets are still up for sale because of the leftovers we still have.

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