Volume 2

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  1. Holland looks more manly and feral and Meela look like total brother and sister relation ship O.o I LOVE your drawing style!

    1. Couldn’t have said it better, my friend.

      Holland definitely has the coolest pose here. I’ll always enjoy Meela x Feral implications, but I’m glad the wayward prince is getting some badass moments to balance out the silliness too.

      Keep up the great work! <3

      1. The only thing I see implied here between Feral and Meela is an impending beating, righteous and paternal.

      2. why does holland have the bow of light from breath of the wild?

    2. Wait, Holland looks manly? o_O

      1. that’s what I was going to say xD, but how many months forward?
        agh, I don’t want to calculate

  2. Ah, I love the Volume 2 Cover! I believe you’re going to Otakon, correct? If that’s true then I hope I can pick up both Volume one and two there!

  3. thelightedDarkness

    I love how you guys’s art style has changed throughout the years. It’s amazing, really. From heavy lines to blending… I must say, the subtle changes are cool to see.

    Keep being awesome! :D

  4. Dem Feral moobs……

  5. Aww… for once, Feral doesn’t seem to mind Meela being with him~! They really seem like a brother and sister (though, I don’t act like that… mostly).

  6. Best comic ever and love the cover! Hope feral and meela stay together and Holland does nothing bad.

  7. So this explains the no Livestream last Tuesday. Oh well.

    Meela, Feral and Holland all look a proper family. Love it.

  8. Woah, Feral has a ring instead of beads. I just noticed that…. XD

    1. Wow, that is weird. And cool.

  9. I love Holland in this picture. He is so awesome! And I love seeing Meela and Feral getting along like this. :)

  10. Great story so far, read it all in one day, can’t wait for the next part!

  11. Feral and Meela… LMAO!!! Total brother and sister!

  12. Love it!! ;P Holland looks so cool! Lolz

  13. I’m not sure about Holland’s right leg, it confuses me. But I am looking forward to this story pressing onward as I’ve been following it for a long time now. I think you were just starting chapter two when I discovered the web comic and it’s been interesting watching your style change over the years.

    1. Same here. Something didn’t work well with that leg XD In my opinion is bit to short, or drawn in bad angle in comparision with the second leg.
      But it doesn’t matter at all, this cover is so amazingly shaded, that small mistakes are not important.

      1. Actually, I drew him fully behind them, and his right leg is bent at the knee and raised up. I do admit it looks odd when obscured, though.

  14. Oh my goodness<3 I can't wait for the next issue, I love how everything's working out, with Feral and Meela<3 Hollands pose is like he's a war hero. It's all amazing, hands down. I also love how you're introducing new characters. Your artwork is getting soooooooooooooooo sooo good, it inspires me to draw :3 Well, I mean, I do suck at drawing but I've improved since age 8. X3 Keep up the fantabulous work, LOOVVEEE it so far, can't wait for the next issue! :D

    1. [UPDATE] Cause I didn’t read that properly, *Your artwork is SOOOOO amazing, it inspires me to draw, and it gives awesome shading tips :3

      <3 Keep being fantabulous XD
      -Strider :D

  15. Hmm..
    Keep it up! You're doing great!

  16. Holland could be gayer than a pink flamingo in tutu, that would in no way mean that he cannot fight!
    The books of history are replete with such characters…

  17. Yay for pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I sense…Death, in this volume.

  19. Of god. Terrible images of flamingos in sundresses, sombreros and or top hats. 60’s flamingos. (shudder)

  20. Oh, awesome! Now there’s a cover page for V II!

  21. Love Feral’s expression here <3

  22. This is just the cutest thing… Holland’s face, Meela hanging on Feral, all of it… <3 Well done!

  23. Holland doesn’t look manly to me….. The lips throw it off :3

  24. Did meela steal Feral’s blades for the cover of V 1?

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