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15 thoughts on “Page 95

  1. Smooooth.

    1. Not impressed. -_-

  2. I love Meela…when my sister was little she was just like that; a little smart-ass.
    Well, she’s still a little smart-ass, come to think of it…

  3. Feral you’re a failure

    1. with girls that is

  4. Her ears confuse me as both Meela and Feral’s ears look like normal human ears.

    1. Meela and Feral’s ear are slightly pointed aren’t they? I’m not sure.

    2. Piper isn’t a Lupian.

  5. Yes, they are.
    Ahaha, Feral you’re going to epically fail… Don’t mess with Piper, you’ll be lost. XD

  6. Feral you deserve better.

  7. /).-

  8. How do you flirt if your mute?

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