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  1. She definatly has the Inn-Keeper look.

    1. The innkeepers face looks so adorable in the third panel<3 Like a lil' chipmunk. HaloOkami

  2. Totally just got the joke.. Ha.

    1. (facepalm) The name of the inn…

  3. We have an Inn called the Stumble Inn at my university :’D <33

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever said that, but I love the innkeepers speech pattern. ”Back in a jiffy” is the kind of slightly…motherly, familiar, old-fashioned statement that I’ve propably heard in only a couple of places besides this comic. I like the way it sounds. XD
    Anyone have any knowledge if it’s used in real life as well? I’m not a native english speaker so the next time I go to Glasgow I’d like to avoid embarassment if I uttered this phrase and it turned out it had some unknown connotations or whatever.

    1. i use it all the time!

    2. Haha I can honestly say, I’ve never heard a Glasweigan say “Back in a jiffy”! It’s definitely an old-fashioned phrase that I haven’t heard in a long time – only really on children’s tv shows.

    3. It is the sort of thing my mother says.
      You say it is “old-fashioned”? … Really?

  5. yay yummy water!

  6. American English speakers use “back in a jiffy” not too uncommonly.

  7. Well a jiffy is an actual measurement of time…

  8. … O_O;;


    1. She does have REALLY strange proportions. It makes me wonder if it’s just her or if she’s not actually human.

  9. She reminds me of one of the future diary holders from mirai nikki Xp

  10. I like this new character… maybe they won’t kill this one.

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