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  1. Since it hasn’t been mentioned yet, beautiful flames.

  2. Now that I think about it….how did she light the fire?! She couldn’t do it in the first chapter, and now she’s even burning a house….Mmmh…this is suspicious….

    1. The guy had a lantern, she used that.

      1. Soooo Meela was the one who set the house on fire O.o?

    2. She was trying to make sushi, and this happened. Don’t ask how.

  3. Oh, that’s right! Thanks Agly!!!

  4. It’s really sad when the only one in the story with any morals whatsoever is a little girl. And so true to life.

    1. Surprised? Morality is childish. What is really pathetic is seeing adults clinging to it.

      1. …. -_-; Dude. You sound like a videogame character.

      2. And this is why we have people like Hitler, ladies and gentlemen.

      3. How is morality childish? Right and wrong (not in the sense of black and white but more giving a damn about other people and your actions) is not something that is reserved for children only. I have seen quite a few of your comments and all of them seem either trollish or really nit-picky and depressing. You seem to rarely have anything positive to say so why do you comment?

        1. In his defense, I believe he feels the need to be so pessimistic since everyone else is busy fangirling about every page. Kind of like the 1 judge in a game show who acts like a jerk.

        2. I agree with Hikariangelwings, SotiCoto, don’t like the comic (or comments) THEN GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF HERE.

  5. Faith like a child…

  6. The song Hello Night by Zoe Keating is PERFECT for this scene. :3

  7. > Can’t start a little flame
    > Burns entire house down

    1. Makes sense bro xD

  8. Jokes about how on earth she started the fire in the first place,

    Those are some pretty flames.

    1. *Jokes about how on earth she started the fire in the first place aside,

  9. Meelas so sweet compared to feral

  10. O.o mmmm there’s a tiny detail missing here…the symbol on the back of Meela’s clothes in the 4th panel. Aside from that all is perfect. Love the flame effs.

  11. Your right. :/

  12. When Feral sees the smoke the first thing he thinks is what did you do now Meela

    1. Because he knows thatthe house is in that direction, and a lot of nothing else

  13. WOAH MEELA! Way to set fire to the rain!!

  14. oh no rituals!!!!

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