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  1. Ooooh. So close. D:

    1. And hes not too far away from his shotgun. :)

  2. Nothing like a broken urn of ash to wake up to in the middle of the night.

    1. It was actually a pot with some sort of plant in it. xDD

  3. Feral’s face in the third pannel: PFFT! lolz Feral you have the best face

  4. Stupid Question: Did Feral inhale the dart?

    1. UltimateShadow-Fan

      I don’t think he even blew into the pipe.

  5. Nox, I was wondering the same thing…. LOL?? His face…¥

  6. … You mean it wasn’t a fake?
    The guy was actually dumb enough to lie in bed, facing the wall with an open window at his back, when he KNOWS people are trying to kill him?

    …… -_-;

  7. Are we not going to appreciate the fact that she got into the house with out that guy waking up?

  8. What was her plan when she got inside anyways? Its not like she has a weapon. Unless she was planning on using the gun……

  9. unless he’s a very heavy sleeper he heard that crash.

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