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  1. oh dear…

  2. Ha love tha face in the fourth panel, like a dog- cat cuteness.

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      and her pose is quite…. interesting.

      1. That’s really disgusting. She’s 12 years old dude.

  3. Just wanna say the lighting is amazing. I know if must of been a huge pane to shade in all those branches but the finished product is so awesome!

  4. Meela is so cute >w<

  5. Meela your attemt to look cool only looks cute <3

  6. hahah dis be my pouncing face :3

  7. Well I guess Feral’s going to have to rescue her…

  8. Meela’s face in the fourth panel is awesome

    Meela thinking: Meela is a sneakety sneak, with sneaky powers of a cute cat-like, dog-like huntress of evil, cryptic men with guns… yeah…

  9. Wait… Meela is a girl??? I thought she/he was being sarcastic when she/he was spekaing with the old guy o.o

  10. doh…teh face under the sneaky panel

  11. I know what’s gonna happen….

  12. Fourth panel is hilarious

  13. Meela’s probably thinking “This’ll be good. Scare the old man, get Feral to believe me, and I might get the gold. This is a /good/ plan. >:3”

  14. 4 panel, love the cute kitteh/doggeh sneak XD

  15. SO CUTE!!!!!!

  16. Meela would probably looks more like a girl if her hair was longer since she’s so young and has no lady figure. but i guess she was going for a tomboy look

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