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  1. The tail betrays! Nice night scene by the way.

  2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    You can suppress facial expressions, but the fur will always betray you…. and then him trying to smooth it down…..
    I love their tails.

  3. Splfft… BWAHAHAHAA! Gotta love Feral when he’s emberassed! XD (Almost spat out my tea reading this page!)

  4. Busted Feral!


  6. i wouldnt talk meela, your tails frizzed out to.

    1. but for her it’s understandable :3 he’s an adult and gets frizzy hehehe

    2. also she already said she was scared then he tried to convince her that he wasn’t

  7. Favorite page! As in, of the whole comic!

    1. Same. Exactly the same.

  8. also love the last panel

  9. i love the friz giving feral away :3

  10. 2nd Panel = WIN

  11. I love how they sleep with their tails tucked in close, it’s cute x3

  12. oh my goodness feral is too adorable! great so far!

  13. I love the first panel… Ferals tail gives away everything

  14. Strange question but I wonder, are there holes in their pants so that their tails can stick out? Hmmmmm….

  15. The guy lives in an old wooden shack at the bottom of a slope, which they were at the top of.

    #1. Get large, mossy log.
    #2. Dry it out a bit.
    #3. Set fire to log.
    #4. Roll it down hill into hut.
    #5. Kill man when he runs out on fire.

    It isn’t exactly difficult. The old guy is living in a really dumb place.
    He even made sure to cut down all the other trees around his shack so the rest of the forest wouldn’t catch on fire. It is like he is practically begging to be killed this way.

    1. Eh. It’s a solution, but it’s not much more practical than just waiting for nightfall and sneaking in. For one thing, the entire in and outside of the cabin isn’t going to spontaneously burst into flames, so the guy will likely have time to escape, shotgun in hand. If there is another exit, he could even do so well away from Feral.

      I’m sure if Feral really thought it was a problem, he would do this, but why risk the guy bolting and having to track him down?

      1. Not quite spontaneously burst into flames, no… but it would be very quick. Something sufficiently heavy bashing into an old wooden cabin from the outside would do some damage. Aside from airborne particulates, the damage would also do much to increase surface area through breakages, which would increase flammability.

        As for why my approach rather than sneaking in… less chance of him being super well-prepared for it. There are tons of ways one can be prepared to fend off sneaking attackers in the night. Not so many ways to fend off massive rolling logs from the top of the hill.

    2. But if he’s asleep when the house catches, he could die before getting out. They most likely need something he has, and if the house burns down before they get it, they don’t get payed.

      1. I guess… if item retrieval is a thing then the massive fire attack probably isn’t best… but otherwise, all fine! =3

  16. Anyone else notice Feral and Meela sleep the EXACT same way?

    1. It could be an instinctive lupian thing.

  17. Okay sure you weren’t scared Feral. *eyeroll

  18. HEEHEE! You know, Feral, there are some pretty good hair products to prevent that… giggle!

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