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  1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Ninja Feral!
    You’re probably getting tired of me commenting on every single page, usually referencing a particular panel. Sorry, but I love this comic!

    1. I am making it a goal to coment on every page so don’t feel bad about it XD

    2. who else thought of the blending from assassins creed?

  2. Omg! You’re guy’s backgrounds are sooo amazing!

  3. I’m new to this comic!
    I agree !! These backgrounds are amazing! And all the characters fit so nicely in them!
    You guys do great work :)

  4. OMG I THIS COMIC!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Omg I LOVE how much time and effort you put into the pages!! Their soooo AWESOME!!! xD

  6. The last panel is soooooo cool! Love the background you guys draw!

  7. Yes, very pretty…
    But the patches of bushes around the bases of the trees excusively are rather odd, as such things usually grow up where light is getting through from above, which would generally be least around the base of trees.
    Speaking of which, the whole scene is evenly lit, which would suggest the sun wasn’t exposed, yet doesn’t show the typical colouration of cloud-cover either. I’m guessing there is supposed to be the typical mottled light penetration found in a typical open-spaced deciduous forest… but it just isn’t explicitly shown.

    Still… a very odd scene.

    1. There are plants that are able to live off of very little light, like in dense forests or rainforest and many places.

      1. That there may be, but the light is still their goal. One wouldn’t typically find plants growing in the darker areas but not in the lighter ones.

        1. Lee of Team Avatar

          Please. STOP. It is a comic. Be happy it isn’t stick figures.

        2. he does this sort of shit in every web comic. always bashing on the artist’s way of portraying their art and constantly trolling on other people’s comments and just complaining about every single detail that isnt up to his “standards”

          im surprised he hasnt been banned from the whole internet yet.

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