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12 thoughts on “Page 66

  1. His look on the 4th panel is “I KEEL YOU”! it’s quite well drawn. Loving the style so far.

  2. “You’ll be the death of me.”

    Pretty accurate.

  3. I’m not one for wording obvious expressions, as I said before, so the “Glare” is another for me.

  4. Well Meela, maybe he’s one of those guys who can’t stand it when a girl is obviously better than them.

  5. His *GLARE* looks a lot like his *DOOM*


  7. dark side of Feral panel 4

  8. ROOAARR!! NUUUU leave me alo)on!!!

  9. Feral got his point across XD

  10. the fourth panel omg too funny, really Feral you have come to threatening little kids with knives? XD

  11. Feral says talk to the knife.

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