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9 thoughts on “Page 55

  1. that wolf is so cool!!!!! I wish I could draw like that O.o

    1. some how my sister can draw better… i dunno how shes been drawing for 26 years

  2. Wicked awesome Wolf Feral picture >w<

  3. Skeeva da Argoniin


  4. OH MY GOD BEST COVER EVER! so cool…that wolf….amazing…

  5. Waaaaant plushie Feral perty plz?

  6. i just started reading this comic, im not even all the way through yet and im attached. Feral’s human form is hot btw ;) been looking for a comic like this for a looonnnggg time

  7. growing pains stink. They do. Really. what a good and descriptive title. It just goes to show how hard it is for feral to have meela hanging rounddd……. dun dun duuuuuunnnn!

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