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12 thoughts on “Page 49

  1. That was a great last panel of movement, that tipping, scrabbling motion when you get up was caught perfectly!

  2. Lol Feral: “c’ya!” *wave*
    Meela: “oh, time to bust a move!”

  3. Even rereading this for the umpteenth time I still get a laugh at Feral thinking he can get out of this so easily.

    Do a bad deed, do a good deed to make up for it, the end…makes sense in theory, Feral, but not when that person is Meela XD


    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Feral seems so oblivious sometimes….gotta love him!

  4. Feral you FED her she’s gonna stick around for more food!

    1. Like a seagull XD

  5. Meena: Oh Noez! My food-bringer/fire-starter is leaving!

  6. Wow, just a few pages in and I’m already in love with Feral.

  7. Niiiiiiice try Feral, but you’ve officially earned yourself a Morality Pet :P

  8. tsk, tsk…..Feral! You know you NEVER feed a Stray.

  9. WELL, at least they cook their food before crammin’ it all down.

  10. Camolot the Creator

    Have a nice life, random child. Hope you don’t die of starvation or something.

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