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  1. Oooohh! I just love Feral! <3 So awesomely awesome :D

  2. Poor little delicious bunny…

  3. roflmaaooooo thats how i felt when i saw the neighbors “cleaning” freshly caught fish ;__;

    1. You haven’t ever skinned a deer or eaten quail before, have you?

      1. nop i think they havent
        most people didnt

        1. I LOVE fish. They tast awesome. I always help my dad flay the fish we catch.

          Another time we skinned a deer and had a lesson on where all it’s organs were.

        2. I have no clue how to react to that…

  4. “Copy/Paste” in panels one and two. Sort of nags me, some. But again, that is just me.

    It seems Meela has been very sheltered. She’s, what, ten or so? I had to bury my animals at that age. The poor duckies! Dogs just play too rough sometimes.

    1. I actually liked the use of copy-paste on panels 1 and 2. It just sort of emphasized on how Feral’s apparently completely still, apart from his knifehand rising and the way Meela winces at the sudden movement makes it clear that for a moment she thought he’s going to skin her alive (atleast that’s what I thought when I first read that page).
      It might help if you imagined it as a scene in a cartoon. XD

    2. Actually, Meela is 12. It says so if you go in the “CHARACTERS” link at the top of the page. It will take you to a page where there’s information on most of the charcaters of the story.

    3. Well, it would be kind of annoying to just redraw everything again. I’m an artist, and if I’m making a comic where the character is practically in the same position as in the panel before it, I would copy and paste as well, and just make a few adjustments. It’s sensible and easy, and it helps get the comic done faster.

  5. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Meela’s expression in the third panel….

  6. mmmmm bunny X3
    i havnt had rabbit in a long time haha
    ever since i had my first taste of rabbit ive never looked at pet bunnies the same XDDDD theyre just food to me now

    1. Well you can’t have my bunny. Me kill you if you eat him O3o

  7. OK this is my FAVORITE page. Pannels one, two and three are the best ever!

  8. First Panel Feral: R U serious?
    Second Panel Feral: I can fix that.
    Third Panel Feral: *Going to fix it*
    Love this page. One of my favorites.

    1. Corretion:
      First Panel Feral: …..
      Second Panel Feral: …..
      Third Panel Feral: …..
      Fourth Panel Feral: …..

  9. Fifth Panel Feral: …..
    Sixth Panel Feral: …..
    Seventh Panel Feral: …..
    Eighth Panel Feral: …..

  10. Fereal… cutting up dead bunnies in childrens faces since page 48.

    1. Nah, fairly sure he would have the decency to do it on the other side of the tree

  11. Right there, I wasn’t feeling very sypathetic for Meela. I mean come on! Where do you think meat comes from? And you shouldn’t be so picky when you’re living out in the wilderness!

  12. Haha, Feral is having none of your silliness.

  13. xDDDDDD This page and the page before are seriously my 2 favorite pages! I keep reading them over and over and I’m still giggling like an idiot! xDDD

  14. Solution!!!!!!!

  15. the horror!!!!

  16. the horror….

  17. that poor little bunny :(

  18. Hahahaahahah GOD I can’t laugh any more

  19. I love the little chibi versions of them its so friggin cute >.<!!!

  20. chibi here and a chibi there…. here chib’ there a chib’ ev’rywhherr…. (cough cough) Ahem. Never mind. Forget it. JUST FORGET IT! I CAN NEVER MAKE IT AS A STARRRRRR BWAAAAAEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH (SOBS!)

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