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  1. Awww, too bad we don`t see his wolf form much, I like it <3

  2. *SHAAAAAA* lol

  3. his wolf is brilliant :)

  4. Awww… lookit at all of Feral’s scars! Now I just want to hug my Fluffy EVEN MORE!

  5. …You mean they’re all werewolves?!?
    And I’ve never understood how the clothes changed with them.

    1. They’re lupians. Wolf people.
      There are also lyrians, which are bird people. And fox people and humans.

    2. i know what u mean i makes no sense the clothes should terr off

      1. Because the artists probably don’t want to draw them naked.

    3. Because vampires have an extra chromosome, and because Edward loves Bella.

      Google “Dan Bergstein” to understand this.

      1. Vampires have downs syndrome?

  6. Feral’s so SHINY!

  7. I didn’t know they transformed, or that they had wolf forms at all! It makes me think of the Animorphs. When I saw Feral had a wolf form, I thought it was a morph! Then I realized Feral has this ‘magic’process with pretty lights…morphing is gradual and much more hideous. I wish morphing was like that…*sigh*
    Anyway, the morphing I’m talking about is the Animorphs. By K.A Applegate, also author of many more books, like the Everworld, Remnants, and plenty more. I’d better cut it, ’cause it’s starting to sound like an ad.

    1. LOL I love, love, LOVE the Animorphs series! I have one whole shelf full of nothing but!

  8. When I first saw that transformation, I was like, WHOA. That was the best transformation in a comic book I’ve ever seen.

  9. Scars. MY Fluffy

  10. Damnit, WTH is this? .-.

  11. who else is reminded of sirius black?

  12. Wait, if he was holding Bugs in his mouth when he transformed, shouldn’t it still have been in his mouth? o_O

  13. I am rereading from the beginning and now wonder if he knows its Meela?

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