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  1. art change?? :O

    and awww.

  2. that is a big tree

    1. Isn’t it? While this might seem like a silly comment to make, but it’s my favorite tree in the comic–and I actually have quite a fondness for the very lush, vibrant way fauna is drawn in Strays.

      I don’t know why, but I always found that image of it in the third panel to be exceedingly memorable (even iconic) for some reason. XD

  3. In the fourth panel, Meela looks a bit like my neice first thing in the morning! lol

  4. I bet I know why he was calling her Yuen…

    It involves reincarnation, bubble wrap, some silly string, and a very confused moose.

    1. Which one is ‘moose’ again? Sam or Dean? Could never figure that out

      1. Why Sam of course! He’s very tall!! BTW I love that show!!!

  5. Going back and reading this. I noticed that there had to be a connection that happened between Meela and Feral when they first made eye contact. that’s when she started having the dream! hmmmmmm

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