Page 395

You're guilty of the same sins, Jyaku. And Feral looks uber pretty in that cloth, wouldn't you agree? This page includes our second cameo character from the Kickstarter. One more page next week which concludes the epilogue!

12 thoughts on “Page 395

  1. Oh man, only 1 more page? The epilogue was a short ride, but it’s answered questions & shown a bit of how things played out, so we’ll just have to accept that this upcoming ending is the real, final ending-ending.

    It really is nice cloth, Feral should totally buy it (make a nice cloak, maybe a vest, use any excess for accents on larger pieces)

  2. I’m so happy I can read this comic again! I really love it! Thank you so much for all the work you have done.

    Such a sparkly pretty cloth! I like it *-* And Feral’s expression is awesome as ever.

  3. If next week is the last page, that would only make 8 pages. I thought you guys said it was going to be 9 because you needed more room for the script than you had originally thought. What happened to the ninth page?

    1. This is page 8! Perhaps you missed one?

      1. Oh nooo. I swear I counted several times. My brain must have blocked out a page to make me hope that there was going to be more. I was so sure I only counted seven pages. My apologies.

        1. Don’t worry, it was probably just a caching issue! Sometimes it likes to make pages disappear and reappear in the archive.

  4. Ooo I’d love to see Meela in a pretty dress made out of that sparkly pink fabric!

  5. OMG last panel is sooo adorable lol Feral looks super adorable in the pink fabric shall

    1. except this is the second to final page I hate to see this comic end it makes me so sad.

  6. No Piper, yet?

  7. I thought this comic was done and over with and then lo and behold there’s more. So very awesome! You guys were the first webcomic i ever read. I’m sad to see it’s drawing to a close. However, when you make a new project could you let us know? It would be so awesome to read it and help you guys out!!! Keep up the great work ya’ll!!!

  8. Feral is the prettiest.

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