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Jyaku is definitely not cut out for taking care of a pup like Meela for 3 years, but it was important to Feral so he did his best. (Sorry to anyone who saw this page last week, there was a caching issue so you accidentally got it early ^^; )

12 thoughts on “Page 391

  1. Heh. He had that last panel coming.

  2. Lol Jyaku did what I wanted to do XD

  3. Oh Holland, don’t you know not to make comments like that?

  4. I missed this comic so much. I’m glad you guys are doing this epilogue!! <3

  5. *uncontrollable giggling* Oh, Holland… Do not poke fun at the deer-man; he will retaliate! XD

  6. Not that this would happen, but I would totally read a Jyaku spinoff.

  7. Oh Holland, you do not get to make comments like that when you have such long hair yourself.

  8. I wanna read the 3 years D:

  9. *giggling like an excited child* i just adore Holland!!!

  10. how long will this series continue?? I don’t want it to end ever uggggg *tears*

  11. holland is my favorite charcter PERIOD.

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