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Quick hug, then it's back to being silently stoic. Not Holland, though!

21 thoughts on “Page 390

  1. Eeeee! You’ll always be a little kid, Meela! And don’t you forget it!

  2. Naaawwwwww

  3. Ahahaha she will always be a kid to them! What a cute family reunion <3 <3

  4. how old is meela now? 15?? thats still a kid lol

    1. To a 15 year old that’s pretty adult compared to just a few years ago though.

    2. well i believe she is 16 as i believe she had recently turned 13 not too long b4 she had to leave them and its been 3 years so that make her 16

  5. Ugh why are you making me ship Meeks and Feral? She’s like 15 and he’s what? 30? I’m so conflicted

    1. Age is not so nearly as important as compatibility. Given that she is half-demon and he essentially half-demon – in a world that condemns and destroys demons – there may be no better match for either of them. Besides, age difference is a modern Western convention that really stops mattering once the youngest is above 25, so it feels strange to try to apply it to them in this fantasy world.

  6. Gib meh moar!!!

  7. It’s so cute I want to cry. ;w;

  8. I wish Holland would hug me like that.


    1. The second panel makes my heart so full.

  10. Panel 7… Yep, Holland was asking for that…
    Was that the first time Jyaku shows any hint of having humor?

    1. Sorry, the wrong page got cached for this. Please refresh!

  11. I swear there was a different page here earlier

    1. Sorry, caching issue :( It should be fixed now!

  12. You will always be a little kid Meela.. Nothing will ever change that!!

  13. I love Holland’s new look! <3

  14. I totally forgot about this comic. I missed this :C

  15. and the ACF is back

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