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I hope you guys are enjoying all of the little nods to earlier interactions in the story in these last few pages :) Next week will be the final page! Be prepared!

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  1. That grump face… I never get tired of the fabulous expressions in Strays.

    1. I was almost willing for forget that it’s just about the end now. Thanks Celeste and Algy for the ride! I can’t wait until the whole comic is available to buy! This story is one I’ve followed for years and reread from time to time. I only bother to buy stories good enough to reread again and again. I’m excited to see where the authors go next!

  2. Squad….disassemble…:|

  3. I mean… Sad it’s over…. But…. This means I finally get to complete my Strays book set right?….. :3

    1. Yep! We’ll need help funding the final book, so we’re going to do a Kickstarter :)

  4. Aw, such a cute page and…oh…wow…that’s right, I forgot, this is almost over. I can hardly believe it, Friday’s are gonna be so strange now without this comic. But all good things must come to an end I suppose.

    Really looking forward to the final page of this amazing comic

  5. Will there be a sequel or some other comic from you? I am going to really miss reading these.

  6. Thank you for the wonderful years of entertainment and emotions, it’s been a wild ride! Sad to see it go, but I’d be a lot sadder if it dragged out and never ended or just died like so many other comics I’ve seen. I’m happy to see this get the resolution it deserves. Well done, and much love! Looking forward to whatever comes next!

  7. Suspennnsseeeeeeeeee

    gonna cry next week
    never cried over this comic even during all the sad.
    also perma grump xD love it.

  8. ;-;

  9. Aww this page is so adorable especially the last few panels :3

  10. Last page in the chapter and this not be over yet. It cant end

  11. Man…I’m really going to miss looking forward to new pages of this series every Friday. Celeste and Algy, to say that we all appreciate the hard work and dedication that you two have put into this series would be an understatement. I am really looking forward to any projects that you two would work on in the future. I would like to use this as a source of motivation for anyone working on any creative projects (myself included). In the words of Shia LaBeouf: DON’T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS! Here’s to future endeavors!

    1. Everyone. Should we sign ourselves and this series off by playing Stray by Steve Conte/Yoko Kanno and/or any song from the Wolf’s Rain soundtrack (like Strangers)? I know I will. I’ll playing that and Space Lion.

      1. of course and the feels next week will be really due to it ending T.T loved this story

  12. Poor annoyed Jyaku xD

  13. I really don’t understand how the comic could end. There’s no finality to the story.

  14. Imagine Meela come back taller than the others, that’d be a sight. Especially considering Feral is only 5’8″, so if she hits her growth spurt… I hope to see a glimpse of older! Meela. It’d quench my curiosity. x3

    1. I agree, I think I’ll be satisfied with a time skip showing Meela all grown up.

  15. Geez, careful when you noogie someone with horns. :-)

  16. I honestly don’t see how this is going to be concluded within one chapter. It doesn’t even make sense to me. There are still so many things that haven’t been mentioned yet, and whenever there is an update the pages are always around the same size. So what, is it just going to be Meela walking off into the sunset with Jyaku? I’m sorry, but I have a feeling that this is just going to be another one of those webcomics that ends up getting practically dropped halfway through with the creator saying it’s completed when it’s clearly not. Don’t get me wrong, I understand just how hard it is to create a comic and put it up for free and ending up getting not nearly half of the credit you deserve for it, but I guess I’m just a little disappointed is all.

    1. Sorry, but it’s how it’s ending. At least we’re giving it some kind of finish instead of just dropping it and walking away.

      We were trying to keep it a surprise, but we do have an epilogue planned as a stretch goal for the final book’s Kickstarter. Hopefully we’ll hit the goal and get to have a few more pages to round out the story.

      1. It’s no problem. I wish you guys the best of luck in the future and look forward to your new stories :)

    2. I’d have to agree with you. I liked the story, but this is a bad place to end if there’s no sequel planned. It’s…unsatisfying, I guess would be the word.

    3. It’s a different sort of ending than folks are used to, which I think is why so many people are having trouble with it. Personally, I love open-ended stories like this. Think of all the possibilities YOU and the rest of the people who love it can imagine for it! These kind of endings are perfect imagination fuel, it’s up to you and how you choose to interpret and imagine it. Don’t see it as an empty page – see it as a blank one. The pen’s in your hands now, and nothing is impossible.

  17. So cute and bittersweet! I have enjoyed this comic for the year I have known it. The art and the story is amazing, and I hope that one day we’ll be able to return to Meoley and it’s wonderful people.
    Also the facial expressions amuse me greatly.

  18. I was curious if when the last page is posted and everything is said and done, will there be all the chapters for sale? Im hoping to buy all the books because this comic is so lovely :)

    1. We’re actually going to host a Kickstarter to fund the final book :3 It’ll have bonuses and stuff!

  19. Holland’s gonna be the death of mine. :)

  20. Aww! The final panel~ So cute!!

    I was wondering if you guys are planning on making some sort of epilogue, like “a few months/years later”?? I know that next week’ll be the final page, but I was hoping there’ll be more. Also, do you have any plans on a future comic perhaps??

    1. We’re going to have an epilogue set a few years later as a stretch goal for the Volume 3 Kickstarter. And we may do other comics in the future, but nothing’s set in stone yet.

  21. Setting up the AFC corner! All welcome, we have chocolate and snacks and pillows for all your emotional needs. ;( .

    1. i will definitely need this next week, as will alot of other people.

  22. I hope the story isn’t about to end, there’s so much more that we can see between them! I hope it’s just the end of this chapter….

  23. Prepare for the final AFC meeting. Everyone invited.

  24. I’m seriously hoping that there will be a return comic to this story where years have passed. Omg, I don’t think I can handle never seeing these two again. Too much sadness that my normal updates will vanish for my favorite webcomic! ;3;

  25. LOL I know Feral will miss her! X3

  26. While a conclusion doesn’t have to be an earth shattering battle, it does need to have a general flow. This seems like it should be the climax, not the end. The comic wasn’t relationship focused enough for the whole point of it to be their relationship. It was set up as more of a fantasy/comedy/adventure that seemed to be part of a bigger world and plot. I thought Jyaku was de-mystified way too quickly. The old man who knew Meela was never explained. It seemed to be setting up for bigger things in regards to the kingdom (Holland), political/racial, and world situations. I think if a story is going to be solely relationship focused, it needs to be really introspective right away so there is a clear focal point. This just feels predictable, like a let down, or like a show that got cancelled and had to be wrapped up quickly. It doesn’t pull off the open-ended thing because to do that there needs to be more set up, more tension and whatnot to feel like the ending is “earned.”

    That said; I love the comic and the art! I just think the story could use some work. It seems disjointed and abrupt right now.

    1. To be honest, we started the story without a clear focal point or even a fully completed script and unfortunately it shows. Some ideas were only half started (or just plain bad and should have been left out) and there’s really no graceful way to fix it at this point.

      I wasn’t sure I would even finish this comic, it was started as a lark. So yes, there’s a lot of issues with it and I accept any criticism regarding it. But we’re ready to close the story so we gave it the best finish we could.

  27. -panics- It cant end! No-no-no-no-no-nooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  28. But wait whatever the heck happened to that guy on page 81? I mean I know he died but I still don’t get how he knew Meela ;-; Am I the only one or is this still something that has to be addressed?

    1. That unfortunately was a loose end that we just couldn’t tie up gracefully before the end. Bad story-telling. Sorry :(

      1. Can we at least be told these answers through Strays’ facebook or something? After the last panel/the epilogue is made? Loved the story and the art, and it made me really happy getting to see the improvement along the way. I’m not complaining about any of it (I myself tried to start a comic, but it was very difficult), ignore those who are trying to get ya down. You two deserve the reward of getting the chance to wrap it up while it can still be considered a good story, and that’s that.

        1. We plan to host a Q&A after the last page and answer most of the burning questions you all still have.

  29. What the hell. Theres still so many tings that need to be explained and so many possibilities for further story. Whats your reason for ending to ubrubtly. Im really disappointed i thought you were a better author then that.

    1. We’ve worked 8 years on a free comic that doesn’t pay much and we’re ready to move on. We’re giving it some kind of ending instead of just dropping it and walking away.

      So I guess we’re just bad authors.

  30. This is the climax, not the end.

  31. Some of you guys really need to get the hell over yourselves. I’m happy with this ending honestly. It gives everyone a lot to think about.
    Stop whining like little bitches and get over it. It’s not your story. And honesty it’s really rude some of the comments I’m reading. I’m probably being rude by calling people out on it and how I’m wording it, but I really don’t care. Note that I’m not saying everyone’s comments are rude or distasteful.

    I love this story and I couldn’t be more happy with it. And being an artist myself it upsets me when people give attitude about other artists’ choices. If you don’t like it, too bad. When or if you write your own story, do whatever you want with it. But give these girls a break. They’ve done a wonderful thing by making this comic and putting years into it. And it’s free, show some appreciation. Rant over.

    1. Thank you :) It’s nice to see some support for at least being able to finish this comic instead of quitting it and walking away.

  32. Since it’s over now, what happened to Meela’s mom? I suspect it has something to do with Feral being sent to kill her family.

  33. I was hoping we might find out what happened to Meela’s mother before the end. I love this comic, love the story and the art, but this ending does feel a little abrupt. There are still questions in need of answers, is all. Unless. . .you’re planning a sequel? *hopehopehope*.

    1. We’re planning an epilogue as a Kickstarter stretch goal, but no sequel. Sorry.

      1. So you can only read the epilogue if you back the kickstarter or get your hands on the book?

        1. We haven’t officially decided yet, but we do need to give supporters some kind of special bonus and give people a reason to actually buy our books.

        2. I understand what you are saying by giving incentive, but overall it seems a little unfair. The comic as a whole has been free, and then to make just the epilogue something you need to pay for is kind of a let down. Normally epilogues are the best because they give you the final taste of an amazing story, which is what Strays is, amazing. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to buy the book or pay for anything to see the epilogue, I have to use my money for other things. But that doesn’t mean my enjoyment of the comic is worth less than that of someone who puts money towards it. I’ve been following this comic for years, like a lot of others, and I’d be disappointed if I couldn’t read the epilogue. If you want to give incentive, I know other authors ask some of their artist buddies to do some kind of art for the comic, and buyers are able to get that artwork if they donated so much to the kickstarter.

          I hope the epilogue will be free to read like the rest of the comic, and that there is some kind of other incentive for people who pay to back the kickstarter. People who don’t pay are just as much of a supporter as those who do pay. They might not be able to support through money, but they can support in other ways.

        3. Yes, we agree with everything you said. It’s just difficult to give paying supporters something extra without leaving out the people who don’t/can’t. It’s hard to balance.

          That being said, we’re leaning towards releasing the epilogue online after a certain time frame (maybe a few months after the Kickstarter is fulfilled). That way paying people get the perk of reading it first but everybody else can still read it eventually.

  34. D’awwww don’t tease Jyaku in front of the children! xD Grump faaccce!!

  35. While I am also one of the disappointed ‘But there’s so much left unresolved!’ crowd, I do understand that maybe you guys want it that way.

    That said, thank you for this beautiful comic. I’m sad to see it ending :(

  36. The second I realised that this is the second to last I started wailing so loud that my neighbor came over to check on me. I think that proves how much I love this comic and how sad I am to see it go

  37. if next week is the finale, is there a sequel in the works?

  38. This is my first time reading here… Was there more to the story before this comic? I’d love to read more.

    I am also sad to see it ending so soon, but it was enjoyable while it lasted^^.

  39. Makes me sad to see so much negative critic about the comic ending, so I thought I would share how much I have appreciated the story and the art of this comic. And while it’s really sad to see it end, it has really brought me a lot of inspiration and a goal of my own. So, thank you both for sharing this story and beautiful piece of art with us all, and may everything you wish for in your future come true! After all, it’s up to you to Make it happen ;)

  40. Jyaku=grumpy cat. Confirmed.

    Also, thanks for everything, you two! I’ve only started recently but read all three right through in one sitting. It’s the best. Thank you all very much. I’ll miss all those weirdos. :)

  41. Yeah there were a lot of loose ends left hanging that we all wish could be explored more but as a webcomic creator myself, this stuff is hard. Ideas change as you go, plot holes happen, you don’t have time to work something out fully before starting the pages because you have to keep the schedule, it’s not easy. Personally I loved Strays and I’m okay with this ending. The story started with two strangers with their own dark secrets, those secrets have been dealt with and a lovely friendship was formed through it. It’s a sweet story and awesome characters and as much as I wish there was more, mainly because I love them so much and want to see more, it’s still a sweet ending.

  42. Thank you so much for this comic. I am sad to see it end as it has accompanied me through some tough times and was always something beautiful and steady to greet me at the end of the week. But we really can’t ask for anything more as it was something you created for us for free. Feral, Meela, Holland and the others will stay with me for a long time I think :) So thank you.

    (And all those moaning about the unfinished storylines: That’s life; not all things get resolved. Just appreciate this for what it is.)


  44. I’ll miss Strays. It’s been a fun ride.

    Thanks for making this series and for being able to see it through all the way to the end. It sounds a bit silly, but that is a fear of mine these last few years; a number of webcomics I’ve enjoyed have seen cancellation and will never be concluded properly, so it means a lot to say we get the send-off for Strays that you guys always wanted.

  45. This will be the first comic that I started towards the beginning and have read until the end. It had been a great 8 years, and I look forward to your Q&A.

    But I must ask, are you guys anything else comic wise? I would love to see some more of your work, even if it is not Strays related.

    1. We both have comics planned and we will definitely announce them on our DeviantArt pages and here on Strays.

  46. Thank you both for such a great comic. Its a pity that its coming to a close. However, Im liking this more open ended…well…ending. Gives me more to imagine in this beautiful world. :3 I appreciate all the hard work that went into this story.

    PS-Kinda curious how Holland is able to be MIA from his royal family for so long without causing alarm. :p

    1. Holland is fourth to the throne, so he would rather be out and enjoy his life. He sends his family messages to let them know he’s safe.

      1. Makes sense. :) I knew he wasnt next-in-line, but didn’t know about messages. I just figured he did this sort of thing so often his family quit worrying. :p Thanks for replying!

  47. phanislovephanislife

    I can’t believe the next page is the final page! Wow,I remember first discovering this comic so far back, (2012? I think so) I was just starting middle school,being a little angsty teen and all,this gave me something to look forward to every week,and now i’m just starting highschool in a couple weeks! The art work is beautiful and the story just so amazingly awesome,I’m sad to see it go,but I’m happy that I got the chance to read it as it went along.
    *cuddles my Meela,Feral, and Holland plushies tightly whilst sobbing*

  48. This isn’t the end of the entire comic right??

    1. Apart from an Epilogue for the kickstarter. It is. ;_;

      1. Noooooooooooo!!! I’m gunna miss this comic ;_;

  49. what happened to Piper XDD

  50. I’ve followed Strays since the very beginning, nearly eight years ago. I grew up with this comic.

    Thank you. Thank you so much.

  51. It has been wonderful! I have silently been following since 3/4 through book 1. This story is amazing. There are some loose ends, but nothing that ruins the story. So far your ending is wrapping up nicely. Yeah there are questions left but maybe in a few years when you’re getting “old” you’ll come back and decide to do more. Where you are leaving it is good though. I do hope that on the last page they decide not to split up, but that’s me. ;) Thanks for the story. Bravo! I look forward to your next endeavor. :D

  52. Don’t listen to a single person who is giving you hell / complaining about this being the end. Of course we would all (I assume “all”) of us would love to see/read more of the story, but you have very good reasons for ending now. You chose a good place to end AND you didn’t just say – oh hey, so we’re not doing this anymore, this is the last page bye!. You gave readers plenty of warning and tied up the ends of the main story line.

    I think your work is beautiful and it’s been a pleasure to read Strays over the years. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I’ll keep an eye out for the KS! I’m sad to see it end, but as I said, I think you for finishing this chapter. And thank you for all your hard work crafting and telling a wonderful story. *hugs*

  53. ITT: Whiteknights bitching about people bitching about the story ending.

  54. its too bad that this is all coming to an end. then again, it can’t just go on forever, you all surely have lives outside of Strays that also require your dedication, so I will not beg for a continuation of strays. If nothing else, just know this: while I can’t exactly speak for others, I can say that for myself, reading updates on strays was the highlight of my week. I’ve lost count of how many times I went full fangirl over whatever pages had come up that week. so thank you, for not giving up on the story, for being here for the fans, for making something so extraordinary.

  55. Thank you for this amazing comic, guys. I know it has been a long time and you are probably trying to wrap it up hastily, but I still enjoy that you guys are giving it a real ending instead of just dropping it dead. I hope to see some more work by y’all in the future, whatever it may be, and I am sure you will get an outpour of thanks in the final page.

    Also, I wish you luck on getting to do the epilogue. :)

  56. Already?!? Why must it end so soon!?! And with such a cliffhanger.

    Any, I really love this comic, and am really gonna miss it. I hope you continue to write future works.

  57. Also, good luck with the epilogue!!

  58. This… can’t be the end of the story, can it? For me it feels that it’s finally about to start! How will Meela’s future look? Will Feral ever return to his girlfriend? There are so many things left TO DO for this group. This story isn’t really about to end, no? Please tell me it isn’t!

    1. PS. After reading some of the comments I want to add that this is no critic. I’m just sad to see the story end. You guys did a great job and my sadness just comes from loving this comic. So thanks for giving it to us! I think there is no bigger compliment for an artist as seeing so many people cry about the end of his or her story.

  59. I’ve been following this comic for years now, it feels weird that it’s ending. Thank you for a wonderful ride of beautiful artwork and great storytelling, you have inspired me as an artist and as a person with a story locked inside my head waiting to be told. Thank you for giving this comic a proper ending, and I am looking forward to more great stories from you two!

  60. I just want to say that I LOVE Jyaku’s face.

    Also, I will totally be contributing to the kickstarter and ordering all three books~! <3 Looking forward to the Q&A, too!

  61. I admit I only read this some months back and re-read it now, but I’m a little sad to see it ending. However, I love HOW you’re ending it – I know there or some plotlines left hanging, and a lot of people don’t like this sort of open end. A sequel would work really well, but at the same time… I kind of like how there’s not going to be one. I gives me the freedom of imagining what the future will be like.

    And ship whoever I like but never mind me.

    I love all the characters, the interaction, the art – I really hope the epilogue will be available somewhere. Stil contemplating buying the books, because I’m afraid I don’t re-read books or comics as much as I’d like. That Holland buttons though… So cute.

    There’s only one character I didn’t really love in the story, and that was Piper, but maybe just because I’m not a fan of the vixen elegant thief character type. I liked how she taught Meela stuff though.

    Holland is my favorite! Just, I love characters like him. Sure, I like Feral and Meela, but Holland is so amazing. his faces are pure gold, and I love the interactiong between him and Fera, Jyaku and Meela.

    Jyaku is a close second simply because he’s amazing and mysterious, and I like that you didn’t leave his story hanging and he’s taking Meela in. But what happens with Feral and Holland now?
    As I said, I love the open ending.

    (Sorry for the wall of text…)

    The best of luck to both of you for whatever future projects you will do! And thank you for this amazing story!

  62. so.. since this book is going to end.. are planning in any sequel? like a grown up meela? or anything similar to this? cuz if you do.. it would be very awesome!

    1. There will be an epilogue.

  63. I really do hope that after the final page next week you guys keep the website up so we can keep reading this beautiful comic over and over again.

    1. Of course! We plan to keep the site up indefinitely.

      1. Thank you guys so much! I loved this comic and will continue to love it forevermore.

  64. Thank you for Strays, it been a wonderful, and beautiful comic. Are you guys moving on to something new or is this it? I’d really enjoy following another one of your comics if you are.

    1. I have two comics lined up and Celesse has one as well

  65. Sad to see this end, but congratulations on reaching the finish! Well done guys! Looking forwards to seeing what you come up with next! :D (And seeing the kickstarter of course!)

  66. Like everyone else I will be missing this comic a lot. It’s been the highlight of my Fridays for many years now. Celeste and Algy, you two have created an awesome fantasy world here and an amazing story! I can’t imagine sticking to a comic like this for 8 years! The story had gotten plenty of closure for me though I will also be looking forward to your Q&A and the epilogue!

    Also can’t wait to re-read the whole thing next week when the final page comes out! =D

  67. Wow, I can’t believe it’s already ending! I started reading so long ago and its so bittersweet to see it end. In the kickstarter, do you think you’ll be having a “reward” (I dont remember what kickstarter calls their tiers of donation) for all of the books? I haven’t gotten around to buying the older ones so I might as well do it all at once!

    1. Yes, we plan to offer a pledge tier that includes all three books for those that haven’t bought any yet :3

      1. I’m sure I speak for everyone who hasn’t had a chance to get the previous two yet: YASSS. :D

  68. He can play it off, but we all know he’s gonna love the hell outta Meela.

    1. MISS…I MEANT TO SAY MISS! Sorry. On a phone. He loves the hell outta hur, and is gonna miss her.

  69. I am not prepared. I will never be prepared for the ending of this, even though you’re telling us that it’s so. It feels like a middle of the year April Fools joke.

    Regardless of that, thank you for taking us along on this wonderful ride. Thank you for making this available as a free comic on the web, when you didn’t have to. I hope that someday my economy will be stable enough for me to buy copies of the comic, or of other comics you make in the future, to support you. The story was fascinating, the art was beautiful, and the characters wonderful. Despite some of the half formed ideas that I agree it had (and as a writer, I totally understand), I still loved it all.

    I have known this comic pretty much since its infancy, then I lost it for a while, and then I found it again.

    Always grateful,

  70. I’m going to miss this comic.

  71. A Fan and Supporter

    I must have missed the news the comic was ending – just saw it this morning when I got a Patreon notice. Anyone with a link to where the creators explain why they’ve ended the comic? (Yes, they say they’ve ended it, and apologize for its incompletion, just I don’t see any reason given. Even a ‘Meh, just got tired of writing it.’ would be fine. :-)


    1. All good things come to an end. They said they had planned this ending from the start. It doesn’t feel incomplete to me personally, and I much prefer a defined ending than an artist feeling they have to drag out a story to the point where they become burnt out and the plot loses its lustre. They mention being “near to the end” for the notes on the first page of the final chapter:

  72. I’m not crying, you’re crying. ;_;

    Thanks for giving us years of awesome story and gorgeous art. I’ll be 30 years old at the end of this month and I’ve grown so attached to your characters over the years. It was a part of my Friday morning ritual to check the weekly comics and soon I know those days will be void of that and it makes me sad. I wish you both many future years of success and creativity.

  73. While I’m sad it’s coming to a close. I’m so happy you guys made this comic! It’s been an awesome ride. EIGHT YEARS. Oh my gosh….
    I still remember going to camp for the first time in Middle School, I didn’t have any friends there yet, but I started talking to other campers and realized not only did they like anime, but one of the girls also read your webcomic. We’ve been in contact for years now and have talked about your comic for just as long. I’ll totally miss it, but thanks for the amazing ride!!!

  74. Man, i’ve been reading this for five years. It’s odd to remember myself when I first found this. I’ve enjoyed Strays greatly and cannot thank you enough for all your talent and brilliant hard work. You’ve made me very happy. Thank you!

  75. *sobbing* Its been such a great rideee…
    Getting myself prepared for the end!
    Really curious, are you two going to be making another comic or planning to? ^v^

  76. I don’t want it to end! But I get that it has to, as with all good things. These sort of endings leave a lot to be imagined though, so it doesn’t end in your mind. People just need to be creative and less picky with the loose ends. Filling in the blanks is half of the fun when reading anything.

  77. Wait, what? End? Wow. I mean, this is a good place for it, but wow. I was not expecting this to be over. But, it feels good. Like, if this was a novel, this is where it would end. It’s been an amazing ride, start to finish. I started reading almost at the beginning, I think I started around the time Meela’s shelter was destroyed and she met Feral. So it’s been a trip I enjoyed being part of, every step of the way. Are you planning to do another comic or any other project after this is all wrapped up?

  78. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 。゚゚Thank you for this amazing story! It’s been a fantastic ride! :D


  80. Amazing story, anyone who is complaining can go take a very long hike. It is very hard to make an amazing quality and beautiful story like this. Sure I’m sad to see it go, but I am so happy I got to be apart of it! I started reading this comic from page 10 so many years ago. And it was always fun to look forward to the end of the week for a new page! Love you guys!

  81. OH God, I will never get over the relationship Meela and Feral had.

  82. I’ve been a silent reader since nearly the beginning. I have loved your story and your characters, loved watching you grow both as authors and artists, and especially loved your eye for design. Your consistency with characters’ styles and colors without condemning them to the same-outfit-everyday trope is something I really admire, and something I hope to keep consistent in my own works.

    Same as everyone, I’m a little sad to see it end, but everything needs to end some time, and I do agree that this is a good stopping point. Personally, my favorite stories are those that don’t end with 100% finality; readers don’t think about the stories that end “Happily Ever After” for very long after they close the book. Sure, some loose ends happen in live-updating tales, and that’s totally reasonable (as an avid [web]comic reader, I see it All the time), but I like to think of them more as theory-fuel for fans c; There’s clearly a future in store for the Strays cast within their universe, and it’s something fans can ponder over, hope, and theorize about for as long as they have imagination.

    Anyway, just wanted to leave a comment before the last page, which will undoubtedly be flooded over time. I cannot afford to purchase the physical volumes at the moment, but I hope I’ll find them available at a time in the future when I can. Thank you both for all you’ve given us! It’s been great c:

  83. <33 oh man…I've followed this webcomic for a long,long time it feels like..<3 I'll be sad to see it go but very excited and happy to meet the last page. God bless you guys =)

  84. Thank both of you so much for sharing this story with us. It’s beautiful and touching. I’m actually very content with this ending–it’s poignant yet hopeful, and it leaves the characters the ability to bloom and grow in our imaginations.

    Luck and joy in your new endeavors. I’m looking forward to what you bring us next!

  85. Thanks, many and many of them. I was following for somewhat two years, but it was some magical adventure you show us all. I wish that it wouldn’t end forever, but hey – they are with us after all. And I hope I’ll keep them in my memory for a very long time.

    Wish you luck. That was glorious :)

  86. As totally weird as this sounds (especially coming from someone who doesn’t usually post, if indeed I ever have at all), I kinda like the whole open end thing. I don’t know if the role play ever took off but having an open end like this totally helps the role play aspect because of all the endless possibilities. Speaking of such, imagine the glorious possibilities the readers can come up with, make their own version of the end, and no one can tell them they’re wrong! (Except for Algy and Celesse of course, but at least you would be able to write parallel fics and not have to worry about sticklers ruining your fun ;D)
    I guess I’m just weird like that. It is always sad for me when a webcomic ends but I’m so glad this one has a conclusion, however open-ended it was. So many times better than someone just dropping off the comic in the middle of an arc or something. :(
    So thanks, Algy and Celesse, for the great ride and for taking the time to offer closure. :)
    Sorry I never commented often, if at all. I always enjoyed your pages. <3

  87. I have thoroughly enjoyed this story. I have enjoyed watching the characters develop and grow. I appreciate all the time and effort that was put into this comic, and as much as im am sad that it is coming to an end, it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and i like were the story has gone, and an open ending just means that their is no limit to what can happen, it leaves room for the imagination. I personally find that an open ending makes a story more personal then an ending that is warped up all nice and tight with a bow in top.
    I may have spent many Thursday nights fangirling with my sisters and discussing what we hope will happen on the next page. So I think I have done enough word barf, what i really want to say is just tnx so much for all the time and effort put into this amazing comic

  88. Anyone else near bursting with bittersweet excitement for tomorrow?

  89. my computure just spazed out, so if i already asked this, sorry.
    What are you planning on doing after this? Just focus on Gamercat or will there be a new comic adventure?
    I am sad this is ending, but im glad i was there for the ride =) thank you for a good story. I just wish i could follow it forever, but i understand that things have to end
    Are you saving the information about what happened to meela’s mother for the q and a or for the potential epiloge? Or do you just wish for us to continue wondering?

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