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  1. Yuen AHH!!

  2. Mallllll! My favorite character, hence the username. <3

    Strange choice? Maybe, but I can't help it. Maybe it's because he's so mysterious and all, but I love the way he's portrayed in these dream sequences–there's a hint of melancholy and nostalgia to it, as if remembering the best friend you lost, or perhaps forgot you even had. I do get the feeling there's some kind of hidden tragedy involving him in these dreams beyond what we've seen.

    He reminds me a lot of myself when I was a kid, too. Minus the wolf tail. Plus I think I just like the rambunctious troublemaker characters (also probably why Meela is up there, too…but really, I'd have to say that all of the main cast are equally awesome, even IF my personal favorite is a supporting character…but I guess that just makes me weird).

    Until proven otherwise, I'm inclined to defend Mal from all of these "He killed Meela's parents!" accusations, even if there is admittedly some evidence for it. But there's evidence for some other characters, too, and they don't get demonized to half the degree Mal does. Even if that does turn out to be the case, though, and he doesn't end up being a tragic character, I just hope he turns out to be a good, compelling (maybe even sympathetic?) villain. Poor kid.

    …Nobody's even gonna see this comment, are they? XD

    1. I did!

      1. Oh? Well, then, you’re awesome…haha! XD

        1. am i awesome too? coz i saw it!

        2. Yes, yes you are. XD

    2. Some people just find themselves liking characters for an unexplainable reason… I know I do ;). *cough* Holland *cough*

    3. You have one of the first comments and its HUGE!!!!! Who wont see it?

    4. am i?

    5. MAL! I adore his haircut later on. In fact his whole style just gets pretty cool. He’s definitely a favorite character of mine. I just love the tragic people and the sweet idiots. Seriously, that mark is going to hurt you, Mal, seriously kid. You’re just so stupid. ;D

    6. Do you use the same identity when posting on other sites / webcomics?
      Or don’t you post on other sites / webcomics?

  3. Ya’ know, it would be so cool if that was like, Tannor and Feral. But they wouldn’t be the same age.

  4. They have identical hair.

  5. I like it how you kinda wash out the colours and make them duller in these ^^

    1. Yeah it looks like a really old newspaper or something. Awesome effects! :D

  6. Spinning shells ;D

  7. That toy is fricken awesome.


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