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I wonder what he wrote.

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    *sets up feels tent in corner with cocoa and snacks*

    1. He’s doing a “Draw My Life” :o

      1. Nyx and Lucas Blood


    2. *Joins you in the feels corner* ( Q ^ Q ) {…)

    3. “… I would like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.”

      1. “And extra pickles.”

      2. And fries…. with ice cream for dessert….

        1. Mind if I join ya there? T-T

      3. See? We guys are not really that complicated!

    4. joins you in coner of feels with ice creme T.T we need to know what he wrote

      1. Mm.. mind if I have some? I brought hot fudge and carmel!

    5. *plops myself down in the corner.” I’ve been gone for so long! Busy writing things. But I’m back and I brought the laptops! Everyone gets one~

    6. He wrote “Get angry! Lets fight!” He better have. I don’t want to be trapped in here forever!

    7. He wrote “dickbutt”

  2. My feels. You guys are killin me <3

  3. “Feral… why are we playing hangman now?”

  4. Dickbutt?

    1. Probably Javert.

  5. D: But can she read his handwriting? She couldn’t before. I hope he writes in a familiar language.

    1. He wrote in English before, remember? That’s how she knows his name.

      1. No, he wrote in some old language, and she said she couldn’t read it so he wrote in the common tounge

  6. Right in the feels.

  7. Maybe he drew a smiley face?

  8. You guys are the masters of pageturning.

    Except there’s no page to turn to u_u

  9. GAHH NOOOO I WANNA SEE WHAT HE WROOOOOTE!!! Whyyyy why you guys do this?

  10. I guess we’ll see it later. I hope so. I know Feral can write in English since he did it when he told her his name.

  11. This is so cute

  12. Props to Celesse and Algy, because honestly, Feral has the most interesting glove collection I’ve ever seen. *continues waiting for next friday*

  13. He’s being so cute right now. I just…

  14. I bet he wrote “Let’s get some ice cream”. Because anything can be made better with ice cream.

  15. When I read the fourth panel, I read it like I was about to cry. Then I was like, “Wait, is she even tearing up?” I double checked and she is.

    Two thumbs up to Celesse and Algy. Love this webcomic

    1. *buys plastic thumbs, and points them up* 99,000 thumbs up!

  16. he’s gonna right chuff isn’t he -.-


  18. Me pergunto porque ele nunca escreveu pra ela antes – I wonder why he never wrote to her before

  19. First of all, that face he made thinking about what to write was oddly adorable XD


    P.S. Anybody wonder where Piper’s been all this time? lol

    1. Stealing some poor sod’s pocket change, of course.

  20. I think Feral’s telling her how he feels and all. My guess anyway.

  21. “Maybe try not to kill me anymore?”

  22. When speech fails, writing is forever!

  23. I know I made this joke last week but….

    “Sorry I ruined your campfire.”

    1. XD totally XD

    2. You literally made me lol.

      Please take your unofficial like! *like*

  24. Maybe he isn’t apologizing and he has just been inspired to become an author and write his own autobiography.

    “It was a bright and sunny afternoon. I had just ruined some girl’s campfire…”

  25. Feral's Anger Issues

    “Sтσρ вєιηg ѕσ є∂gу.”


  27. Hmm Probably something short and sweet and to the point. But would still get you right in the feels. After all a person of action needs few words, Feral’s a prime example of that.

  28. I’ll just buy a ton of tissues. Be right back for the next post.

  29. Butbutbut… You can’ take us wait another week!

  30. please dont be along the lines of “we can’t, but we will make it work/do the best we can” or whatever… please dont be cliche like that.

  31. I don’t know what he’ll write, but I can totally see him offer to split a pear with her after. It’d be the ultimate demonstration of his willingness to meet her halfway. :’D /only half joking

  32. I bet he wrote something sentimental. VERY sentimental, just to make up for everything! Rainbows and puppies and kittens can rule the earth once more!!!!!!! <3

  33. Only 4 pages left….. :'(

    1. Wait, are you serious?! But I love this comic way too much. qnq I don’t want it to stop.

    2. Stop reminding us of the day that our feelings shall spill across the site like an ocean of, well, feelings, Jae…


  35. No matter what he writes, I shall EXPLODE from feels

  36. Feral’s awkward sweetness with kids is SUCH an endearing quality. One of my favorite things about him :3

  37. Feral writes “How about…no.”

  38. I just want to say how much I adore the simple fact that you guys have created such a wonderful beautiful story, so full of emotion and so centered on relationships, that does not revolve around romance for once (or even really involve much at all). That seems to be so rare, but the relationships between these characters are all the more beautiful for it. :)

  39. I want know he writes. but I want update now! I don’t like wait for new update week of Friday.

  40. My money is that he drew something like them hugging, in hilarious stick figures.

  41. He drew a hangman. Attempting to play games but fails!

  42. I really want a Shia LaBeouf reference somewhere, that would make this perfect

  43. I never thought of Feral writing to communicate.

  44. Shia LaBeof? That actor? And this comic? How would she make that fit? Being that there is only four pages left…

  45. Is her mother still alive? He could help her find her mom

    1. I do want to know what happened to her mom… ene

  46. This is the part where I wish I could just wait for a year until the whole thing is done and then read it all in one go, but stupid weakhearted self can’t help it and has to go back on every week just to read ONE PAGE…
    And then I hit a page turner like this AND THERE’S NO PAGE TO TURN! T-T Waaaah WHY!?!?!?

    1. Well…you could wait a month and then read it when it’s done….cause there’s only 4 pages left. ^^;

  47. AlextheparanoidAndroid

    He wrote, things will never be normal, but we will get over it.

  48. Did Meela ever say that her brother was actually killed? At the beginning she says ‘since you left’ and that normally means death, but I’ve been thinking, what if her brother left because HIS demon side came out, just like hers did, as it seems to be a puberty thing, and he left so that he wouldn’t end up hurting her?

    1. I’m PRETTY sure this classifies as him being dead.


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